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Zepto Systems provides remote assistance to a number of clients worldwide.

We have an extensive network of servers. We are looking for competent Network/System Administrators who can manage this network.

Responsibilities of a Network/System Administrator may include:

  • MySQL, SQL Server Administration, MySQL Replication & master/slave configurations.
  • VMware Work Station and Virtual Machine Manager.
  • Hardware, Software & Network Troubleshooting.
  • Wired & Wireless Network Management, diagnosing & troubleshooting.
  • Microsoft Office Packages & Office Management.
  • Communication skills (Soft English Spoken, Writings, Debating & Dealings).
  • Maintain Systems running different Servers such as LAMP, Lighttpd, Tomcat, Nginx, Samba, NFS, DNS/BIND, Squid, WINE, VNC, DHCP, FTP, VOIP, Multi Router Traffic Grapher.
  • Remote access using SSH, LDAP, Rdesktop and works on Active Directory, VPN, and Print Server etc.
  • Create and run different Shell and bash scripts and automated tasks.
  • Linux perform system administration responsibilities for Red Hat, Fedora and Cent-OS Linux Servers.

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