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Our Services

If you are looking for a creative web and mobile application development company, you landed just right. We don’t just help you create a website or a project management systems; we make sure you get the return on investments. How do we do it? Its simple. We have a team of expert web developers, mobile app development experts and software engineers with years of experience in software development. With over a decade in the market, we have mastered software design, custom software development and directing companies to the right technological path. 

Don’t know much about technical stuff? No worries. We can lay out a complete software development life cycle for you and explain you in simple terms. Our IT services don’t focus on a good code, but yielding excellent results.

What can we do for you?

We have extensive teams of solution architects, business analysts, software engineers, web developers and quality assurance analysts working in a close liaison with clients throughout the software development process to make sure smooth deliveries. With our custom software development solutions we help search engines see you that means greater visibility and higher conversions for your business. Since we first started in 2008, we have created thousands of remote jobs for certified IT professionals connecting them to international companies. 

Over the past 10 years we have provided offshore IT services management solutions to our customers to meet their technology needs. We have successfully deployed powerful web applications and complex software within the client’s deadline along with saving up to 60% of the in-house costs. Over the time we have upgraded many desktop based business applications to online solutions , different CMS systems to newer versions, developed innovative business applications for our customers, have revamped technologies and did complete website redesigns for our customer companies keeping the performance high and the costs lower. 

Take a look at the skills we provide to learn about our services. Further, we offer a no-obligation technical consultations for any business project. Our software experts can advise you on the selection of programming languages, right development platforms and approaches to gain maximum profits.


We plan your business strategy in a way that it perfectly fits your requirements along side following the best digital marketing strategies to improve your online presence. Our senior software architects and business analysts assess your needs and lay out the business plans accordingly.

UX and UI Design

Design builds brand image. Zepto Systems is one of the best web design agencies in the UK helping clients with friendly and interactive UX. We know the value of a good graphic design and are best known for  offering perfect user interface designs  from custom designs to  complete website redesign. 

Development And Software Engineering

With a large force of expert software engineers, we work in a close liaison with the client companies throughout the custom software development life cycle. Whether it be mobile application development, web development or custom software development, we engineer it with perfection.

We can perfectly handle complex IT environments with a well trained team of IT infrastructure and devops engineers. Our remote resources can help you handle challenging migrations to cloud and newer technologies.

big data

Leveraging our big data analytics can help you make smarter business choices. We have a team of expert big data developers with expertise in business intelligence, data warehousing, predictive analysis and much more to help you improve growth and productivity.

Cyber Security Consulting Services

Strengthening network security is the top most priority of enterprises these days. We are one of the top cyber security services providers in the UK who can help you harden your security mechanism, prevent  breaches and protect your data. 

why outsource?

Software engineering is a booming field and companies from all markets are in a dire need of expert software solutions. IT outsourcing is a innovative way for companies to get perfect software development in a fraction of the costs on shore. Further you can:

Save Money

Saving costs is one of the major reasons for outsourcing. You get the required skills, office space and completely setup remote set-up in less than half of the in-house costs.

Get skills

Hire the top web developers, software architects, IT infrastructure engineers, mobile application developers and technical consultants with expertise in a wide range of programming languages and software development processes.

Save time

Save the hassle to skim and scan the right resources for your project, constitute the team with right expertise and setup a human resource management. Our outsourcing services are inclusive of these services. 


Zepto Systems helps you build the best custom software based on your business requirements. We can provide a detailed costing for your project prior to proceeding and assign the correct number of resources to ensure the software development process is smooth and according to your timelines.

Consult for a free no-obligation trial. We are here to guide you about what technology can best suit your needs. Feel free to call us and get help. 

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