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Hire your own team or extend your in-house capabilities with our highly skilled remote professionals working from our offices internationally. this service works best when you use this option for your in house team augmentation. we also tailor this solution for our customers, so please talk to us now.

Do you need help finding skilled IT staff?

Aiming to be the best outsourcing company in the IT industry we strive hard to make the customer experience better with each passing day. We recruit highly skilled IT teams, provide them office space and facilities and let you manage them one on one. Get a free trial within a few days and continue your IT project(s) without any delays. You can build a cloud team which you can manage directly or let us control it for you. Zepto carefully scrutinizes the candidate profiles analysing their key strengths and abilities through a series of assessments so you get the top IT developers. Two people are better than one? We agree! At the cost of hiring one IT Developer you can hire 3 using our system. That’s a huge saving of nearly 60% per resource.
  • The average recruitment timeline for an IT job is 3-6 months. Can you afford to waste this time, when we can provide an experienced resource quick and hassle free?
  • No Contracts, quick deployment, screened and tested experienced IT experts at your fingertips.
  • How much will ‘downtime’ affect your business while you search for an IT professional?


  • Finding a resource suitable resource and retaining it is a nightmare
  • In-house expansion is complex with shortage of skills
  • Time is a big stopper and takes months to get someone on board
  • High demand means sharing and loss of focus
  • Over stretched team


  • Lacked control and eventually loss of key competency in-house
  • Bound by long term contracts
  • No direct access to the team
  • Void between business requirements and delivery
  • Shared resources with no focus

Right Sourcing

  • Complete control
  • Remote employees integrate in your in-house team
  • No shared resources and complete focus
  • Hassle free cherry picked resumes and profiles
  • Rely on us or interview in the final stage
  • Pay for our work on monthly basis so no long-term bindings

What’s More?

  1. Communication with foreign teams is difficult. We only utilise staff who have great communications skills and pass our own tests.
  2. Niche Developers like Xamarin, Scala, Node Js, C++, C# are all in our databases. See all of our skills
  3. ‘’But you work different hours than us!’’ Zepto Systems works on a ‘follow the sun’ model – our staff match your timings.
  4. When data security is a concern it’s assuring to know we observe NDAs, adhere to all security policies and have worked with many data-sensitive companies over the past 10 years.
  5. It’s quite common to be tied into yearly long contracts in an ever-changing IT environment. Zepto Systems provides easy no contract terms. You try the employee for a month for free then pay for the hours worked. No strings attached.
  6. Other companies bill for holidays or unusual local days off, we only charge for the hours work. Simple.

Have a question? Feel free to contact us

We are confident of our high-standard deliveries and that is why we offer you to try us for free. Read our client on-boarding process and get a month of free services.

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