Who are we?

We are an IT service company providing full-scale Software Development, Bespoke Solutions, Cyber Security, Managed Project Development and Remote Developers to our clients worldwide. Our unmatched IT outsourcing services are here to help you meet technology challenges over the years. We have helped businesses unleash their full potential by empowering them with the right set of tools and technology all while cutting cost to  60% with remote development. We provide our customers with a competitive edge to outsmart your competitors and drive growth to your business. 


We work towards fueling companies across the world with the power of technology and software. Our tailored IT solutions and services are helping enterprises leverage technology to maximise their business potential. 

Zepto  have a simple goal to turn your great ideas into reality.  Our pool of certified developers helps companies looking to build, grow or mature their technology implementations. Our remote developers strive hard to achieve clients satisfaction and exceed their expectations by delivering robust, scalable and highly flexible software solutions.


We help the business grow by providing tailor-made solutions fitting their business needs.

  • We are professionals in IT market with a decade of experience
  • We offer you flexible business models namely, IT Consulting, Managed Services and Remote Resources
  • We understand the market trends and can advise you the best strategies for business growth
  • We have a talent pool of 250+ in-house developers
  • We can cut your development costs up to 60%
  • We have a proven record of successful project deliveries
  • We fully abide by standard industry guidelines and compliance systems

We  take care of every aspect of the process while developing a project or delivering complete strategic services. What makes us stand out from other IT consulting companies? No matter what service model you choose, our solutions would be fully tailored to your specific needs without any hardlines. In fact, our  easily scalable teams and flexible terms and conditions are the reason of our excellent client retention. 

Zepto Systems provides custom software development based on your technology ambitions. Our solution architects  can devise an excellent software strategy for your business with creative work flows and a detailed analysis of your particular business needs. We are entrusted  by many businesses to enhance and extend their systems to reach their full-potential. 

We are an internationally renowned  IT consulting company with a range of certified web and mobile application developers. Our software development services have exceeded client expectations due to our continuous dedication to work and enthusiasm to prove our skills. By hiring our certified software developers you get full control of your dedicated resources working solely on your project.

We are always looking for talent

Are you a job seeker ? Please drop your resume here and we will get to you. 

Grow with us!

We have the solutions you are seeking

Get started right away with Zepto. Engage with us about your particular requirements and we assist you in every way possible. From IT consulting and complete solutions to managed delivery and remote software developers; we are there to help. With 10 years of experience in the market, we have become better at solving problems and delivering highly intuitive solutions. 

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