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Zepto Systems has a dynamic approach towards Cassandra development and makes sure to create tailor-made solutions that perfectly fit your business needs. With years of experience in providing Cassandra development services we are confident in our skilled resources and one of a kind solutions.

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Why Cassandra Database?

Apache Cassandra database is one of the most favored NoSQL database used by large scale enterprises due to its huge storage and greater efficiency.  Being relatively different from other non-relational database systems, Cassandra development has huge demand in the IT industry. Furthermore, many of the software development companies are migrating to Apache Cassandra for its feasibility.  Zepto Systems has a team of excellent Cassandra development experts.

Service Models we Offer

We provide solutions that drive growth. Over a decade of serving a diverse group of clients from tech startups to multi-national enterprises, we have prepared a proven success mechanism ready to be tailored for you. We have optimized our growth not by following the steps of top IT consulting firms, but creative innovative solutions.  Serving our clients’ best interests, we provide flexible and standard services categorized in three delivery models that we can tailor around your needs targeting your organizational requirements, goals and needs. Fast growth usually bundled with up to 60% of cost savings


A holistic approach to your technology development with a fully managed solution where we are your complete IT team. Our dedicated experts manage your project, and full ownership of the development and technological operations to provide you with the best results.

fix cost project delivery

A strategic approach to your project delivery where we take requirements from you and deliver a complete working solution with full ownership of project delivery. While the project has your vision and strategy, our team works to deliver your dream project.


A cloud service providing you direct access to the top IT experts in the world, either working from our offices or stationed on-site according to your requirements. We can deploy experts from our existing pool or hire on-demand. 

Our Partners

Cassandra Development Services

Zepto Systems has a team of efficient Cassandra database developers who can address all of your development needs from design to implementation and performance tuning.

  • Strategy planning and architecture design
  • Application access design
  • Data modeling and development
  • Installation and upgrade
  • Architecture and design
  • Development and implementation
  • Monitoring and performance tuning
  • Database administration
  • Integrations and optimization

Why Choose Zepto Systems for Cassandra development?

Zepto Systems is one of the few software development companies providing world-class remote Cassandra development services to clients. Over the time, we the time we have fulfilled the strategic business ambitions of many of our client companies from planning to from consultation to deployment. We are offering cutting-edge solutions to our clients enabling them to get the competitive boost. Our qualified engineers are your go to solution for all the development related needs. We further assist you to get:

  • Lower development costs
  • Full control over their remote teams
  • Agile delivery system
  • Expert Cassandra resources with international experience
  • Round the clock maintenance and support services
  • Resource replacement (In case of unsatisfactory performance)

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Zepto Systems has the industry’s best experts. They have the right expertise and experience to make your vision a reality. Get in touch with us today and take the help of our developers to work on your dream project. 

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