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We offer excellent virtual resources for Windows, Unix, Linux System administrators, virtualization, containerization, network and support engineers!

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We caters your IT administration needs

Zepto Systems caters all your IT administration needs without getting you into any complex procedures.

Our well trained virtual employees can serve you the best for your infrastructure development and support needs. Zepto takes great pride in its system administrators as they have been delivering excellent services to clients globally since over a decade. Our resources are able to deal with complex matters and from assist you with infrastructure support, development, deployment and scaling needs.


Our dedicated team of system administrators deploys software applications and other security-related issues along with preventive measures The team makes sure all your concerns are heard and all the issues are resolved on time so your company doesn’t face any delays. We value time and built strategies to finish the task before the scheduled time ensuring smooth deliveries. Our IT experts take challenges as a motivation to move forward and learn to showcase responsibility and hard work along. Our clients have given us a 100% satisfactory response which makes us stronger and confident about our flawless services. Over the years our teams have enhanced their skill sets offering a wide range of services with full efficacy.

  • Our highly enthusiastic tech team perfectly handles specific customer needs, developing business operations, design synthesis, system validation and to figure out system related issues.
  • We cover LAMP, MEAN and.Net stack with expertise ranging from Unix, Linux and Windows infrastructures to custom public and private cloud including Amazon, Azure and Google cloud.
  • The system administrators are proficient in functional analysis, communication protocol design and specification, fault modelling, simulation and modelling, interface design and specification, system architecture and design, verification and validation testing.They are able to backup data, apply operating systems updates and assemble explicit changes to develop a better system. We know our work like no other and we never compromise on quality.


With over a million registered IT professionals, it takes no time for Zepto to fetch the ideal IT resource for you. Our terms are simple saving you from the hassles of lengthy contracts with hidden charges. We believe in win-win partnerships and thus set mutual development goals.

Try our system administrators to solve some of the utmost computational challenges for you and know for yourself. Select your remote employee now and get a one-month free trial!

  • Hire senior system administrators.
  • Get started with your project without any delays in our fast procedures and hiring.
  • Scale your team according to your project needs without worrying about any hidden term or charges from us.
  • Get the best office space and advanced equipment without paying any extra charges.
  • Zepto ensures confidentiality by signing Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement (NDA) with all employees.
  • Zepto offers its clients to have direct interviews with its employees to get the most suitable resource as per requirement.
  • We provide for your needs of skills and experience requirements.