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  Services – Web application development, Mobile apps , Infrastructure Management, Cloud Support, and Technical Consulting

We specialise in a wide range of technologies ranging from web application development, custom software development and mobile application development. Create a website, get fully tailored e-commerce websites or extensive CRM and ERP systems. Zepto Systems is your one stop shop for software development.


Just over 10 years in business passing through a gradual evolution we have carefully crafted technology service for your needs with complete agility and customer care in the basis.

We offer our assistance in three delivery categories tailored to your organizational goals and needs. we are helpful when you are a startup or when you need to grow and grow fast, improve your delivery capacity and quality or bring the cost in control.

IT Consulting

A holistic approach to your technology development with a fully managed solution where we become are your complete IT team. We call it your vision our strategy and delivery with our management by our dedicated experts with complete ownership

Right Sourcing / Cloud Employees

IT Employees as a cloud service providing you direct access to our top IT experts working from our office or stationed on site for your needs. We have the ability to deploy them from our existing pool or hire on demand. The offer comes with speed of team formation, covering a wide range of skills bundled with up to 60% of cost savings.

Agency / Project

A strategic approach to your project delivery where we take requirements from you and deliver a complete solution around your needs. We call it your vision and strategy delivered with our management by our experts. For us nothing is too small or too big.

We are Your own IT Team

Zepto Systems  is your trusted partner helping you in shaping your business with technology

Get the industry best IT consulting as well as outsourcing services with our skilled  resources stationed in house or deployed remote readily available at our offshore offices and save up to 60% of the in-house costs. You can either outsource your IT project to our skilled staff or hire a single developer as an extension of your in-house IT team. Contact today and get started in less than 8 weeks!

Zepto Systems is an IT outsourcing company with a difference! We recruit and employ highly skilled IT professionals for your specified skill needs, provide them office space, facilities, and let you manage them one on one for your work day-to-day.

We have invested in building our capacity that enables us to reach out to skilled profiles using our strong hiring team and multiple offshore offices. We are continuously building office facilities that enable us to screen, test, interview and send CVs or deploy free trials. We can kick-start your team immediately or provide you potential CVs for quick hiring.

Regardless of the size of your needs from one professional to large teams, we can get your project started without delays helping you to concentrate on your core business. Get smart and save huge IT development budget by leveraging our standard IT development services.

Zepto Systems is an offshore IT company providing IT development services for more than a decade. We offer a right sourcing model that helps you recruit highly skilled IT professionals in our offshore IT offices. It could be one person or many; we can screen, test, send CVs and allocate a free trial within a few days. This means continuing your project (s) without any delays. You can build a cloud team which can be managed by us or by yourself. All staff go through a 5 step recruitment process to ensure that you only get the cream of the crop. Two people are better than one? We agree! With us, you can hire three IT developers, at the cost of one. Get the best offshore IT support and save more than half of the budget. Call in for a free consultation and get the IT outsourcing services you deserve.

Finding it difficult to scale your IT team? Get smart, go offshore

We are here to help ensure both speed and quality The average recruitment timeline of an IT job is 3-6 months. Can you afford to waste this time, when we can provide an experienced resource right away? Remote hiring with us is hassle free and comes with free replacements.

Get your IT projects delivered on time

Want complete IT Outsourcing services or looking for a MVP model. We offer the best IT solutions with full ownership and end to end delivery. Whether it requires research, build or rebuild we provide it all with up to 60% cost saving. We can also help with product maintenance and ongoing 24x7 support.

Technology and team tailored to your needs

Out of the box solutions cannot solve every problem? We are keen listeners, always looking to improve and provide for your business ambitions.
We provide a qualified team, fully understanding the importance of getting it right from qualification to hiring, development, and deployment.

Your business is vulnerable to hackers. Do something before it's too late!

We provide strong cyber security by safeguarding and hardening it for you on an ongoing basis. Cybersecurity dynamics in the world are rapidly changing and require active applied management to secure the data and its privacy. Outsourcing your cyber security tasks to our well trained, fully equipped and readily available resources to help you gain more in less.



Many software development firms and IT consulting companies offer IT outsourcing to save time and budget. However, the conventional offshore development model lacks certain processes. With outsourcing, you get:

  • Lose control and eventually lose key competency in-house
  • Void between business requirements and delivery
  • Business interests do not align consequently teams don’t grow proportionally
  • No direct access to the team
  • Contractual bindings and many fine prints
  • Every small thing costs and overheads included
  • Lack of quality and understanding of the end requirements
  • Restricted access to the team
  • Shared resources prioritizing other tasks

Zepto Systems has found its way around software outsourcing that follows strict timelines and reporting system. With us, you don’t just outsource, instead, you right source it. We let you build your own team or extend your in-house team with remote virtual employee or cloud employee, name them how you want. our model helps naming your team as your own employees. 

  • Clients pay for the hours worked on a monthly basis
  • Complete control and unrestricted access to your team
  •  Key competency stays in-house
  • Teams expand as your company grows
  • Not happy with your resource? Choose another
  • No ongoing contracts to tie you down
  • No payments for expensive overheads
  • Can train junior staff to bolt onto your team
  • Hire Junior, Mid or Senior Developers
  • Offshore IT support according to your timezone

Here at Zepto Systems, we understand the importance of your project. As a team of qualified developers, we understand how crucial it is to get the correct idea into deployment. 

When starting either a project or simple ‘right sourcing’ we spend the time to evaluate. This is essential to be able to guide you to the best solution which will be cost effective and time effective without cutting corners on quality.

For most companies consultation is viewed as a cost but for Zepto we see it as an investment. Clarification on the outset helps us to deliver and maintain long-term relationships.

Whether your requirement is for a project or a reliable extension of your existing team we are experts in making sure work is done on time, within quality standards and well within cost 

We have been helping our customers in different ways by providing, back-end, front-end, full stack and mobile application developers, quality assurance (QA, SQA & QA automation) experts, system administrators , DevOps engineers , support engineers , technical managers and cybersecurity experts on demand basis working for them remotely from our offices. We assist our valued clients in bridging the skill gaps, speeding up their technology delivery functions, improving efficiency and reducing more than half of the costs.


Find out how we can serve for your software and technology needs

Cloud or collocation, business application or SaaS products, we provide a one stop resource and solution portal. We can arrange for 24×7 support. DevOps, cybersecurity management, network administration , securing your data or migrations over AWS, Azure or Google cloud management.

Regardless of the nature or complexity we provide top quality software development services , saleable systems upto date with the latest security standards.  Our project managers deliver fully managed it projects we also provide un-managed teams of top quality developers.  Are you looking for agile software development ? That’s what we practice.

IT employees work dedicatedly for you from our multiple offshore offices. you can call them remote employees, virtual employees or cloud employees. We provide top talent and a team that delivers for your needs at upto 60% less costs. No long term binding contracts, no worries of employment regulations and working with recruiters and pay them lots of money.

Developing firmware or embedded software is a very exciting job for us as could be for you. Our promise is that finding firmware developers will be done with precision and ease. We have a unique ability to onboard firmware developers and deploy them on your project quite rapidly. Even in circumstances where technology is rare we can hire and train talent.

Complex business solution or a disruptive SaaS product or simple business website nothing is complicated (at least not for us !) We re committed to allocating the right skills and inducting tailor made teams, who perform to the highest caliber. We can take care of user experience, design and complete technical implementation.

We develop mobile applications all the time. Android , iOS native or hybrid mobile app. Our  experts transform complexities to simplicity  with their innovative, problem solving skills. talk to us we will get your team ready to work and start delivering within weeks regardless of the size.

Need Microsoft.Net, PHP, Java, Python, Scala or Node.js  full-stack or back-end developers? We provide experts of all of the latest languages and platforms. We have a wide range of skills and expertise in house and can deploy your dream team within weeks.

We provide developers who can be mid – tier, junior or Senior level in a myriad of skills User Experience (UX), Bootstrap, Foundation, Ionic, Kendo UI, CSS3, SASS, LESS, Compass, Angular, VueJS, React or Backbone or any other. With a complete transparent system you only pay for the hours worked. 

We provide content management developers covering WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, SharePoint Umbraco, Sitecore , Sitefinity and EPiServer developers. This includes experts in design, customization implementation,  migrations and ongoing maintenance.

QA Automation, Regression, Sanity, WCAG, API, Usability, Compatibility, Cyber security & penetration , Performance and load, Black or White box, Functional and Non-Functional testing –  Our certified experts are there to help and are ready to deploy.

Our database developers and database administrators work with Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Casandra, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and Elasticsearch. We can manage it for your regardless of the size of the data and your processing and scaling requirements.

If you are looking for a CRM developer go no further,  we cover that too! For your customization and implementing needs. we can help with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and SugarCRM.  If you don’t like any of these , we have our own modern ”Right CRM” system too that we can customize for your needs too.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, big-data, business intelligence, data warehousing or  block-chain developers. We have experts who can perform data and business analysis and deliver proven industry solutions and innovate for your bespoke needs.

We provide solutions towards online commerce and online sales web provide maintenance, customization and have have expertise in Magento, XCart, Zen Cart, oscommerce, shopware OpenCart , Drupal Commerce , Spree CommerceReaction Commerce etc

Zepto has provided expertise , solutions and ongoing support services in range of open source and proprietary ERP and performance optimization solutions including Odoo ERp, Erp Next , Microsoft Dynamics , Oracle and SAP ERP.

we provide solutions and developer with expertise in building public , private and consortium driven block chain solutions for research and development and real world implementations used in smart contracts, traced and transactional systems and currency solutions .



Technology is getting sophisticated and we got to catch it in time!

Here is our piece on the benefits of real time feature for mobile apps.

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Taking breaks are as important as working. For building something as complex as a software, you need to be mentally relaxed and passionate. So talk a pause, play a game and get ready to conquer.
That's how we create perfection at Zepto!


Hello Everyone!

We are looking for two energetic IT Services Sales Executives for our London office for immediate start. If you have what it takes, apply at the link given below and be a part of team Zepto.

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