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Zepto Systems employs the top back end developers to develop standalone server side apps, deal with complex integrations and provide help companies with their on-going processes. Our development teams are made up of senior developers, QA engineers and Project managers. Dealing with complex and detailed back end development needs of companies, our resources are well-trained in accessing requirements. Our highly qualified developers cover all your back-end development needs including planning, development, quality assurance and support. At Zepto Systems, we build products that meet client’s requirements, beat the competition and deliver the desired ROI. Whether it’s a mobile app, back-end services for a front-end app or API development for your legacy app Zepto has it all covered.

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back-end development services

Need back end developers to assist you in your IT ventures? Zepto Systems has well-vetted development teams ready to make your project a success. Our remote it staff is proficient in high-end back-end development services, client communication and taking responsibility. We minimize the risk factor for organisations by providing free-trials and resource replacement options.

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Modern service oriented architecture and back end development have always has stayed core of modern software development. The contemporary micro services architecture has increased the value of back end developers with advent of front end on mobile and web front ends. Strong back end development is the basis of future proof applications. Here at Zepto Systems, we have a large pool of skilled back end developers, architects, programmers, and consultants. Our clients have constantly chosen Zepto for their complex software projects given our high efficiency and speedy deliveries.
We cover many different development stacks including Microsoft.Net, Oracle , Oracle java, LAMP stack both with PHP and and Python last but not least MEAN stack over NodeJS with different back end databases including MongoDb, Cassandra, MySQL and Oracle.

Technical expertise

We are currently engaged with the industry best tool and technologies making sure the development needs are fulfilled properly. Our expert developers specialise in providing you with the perfectly optimised code. Our tech stack includes:
  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Java

Why choose Zepto Systems?

Our cutting-edge technology and behaviour driven environment is what makes us unique and provides us with a competitive edge. Hiring back end developers with Zepto Systems enables you to:
  • Easy of budget
  • Skilled back end developers
  • Start quick and get speedy deliveries
  • On-going support
  • Sign off no hidden charges
  • Scale your team easily