Cyber Security Consultancy Tailored to Your Needs

Zepto Systems is the key provider of cyber security consulting in the UK, with clients from all across the globe. We help our clientele in making their digital presence bullet-proof so that no one can pierce into their system and harm their data. Our team of certified experts offer a wide range of services in the cyber security area including data protection, cyber security strategy, penetration testing, cloud security and much more, which is customised according to the needs and requirements of our clients.


In today’s digital world, it is crucial to ensure that your cybersecurity is always on point. You cannot risk losing your clients’ data, private information about your organization or simply have your website hacked! Partner up with Zepto Systems today and get expert cybersecurity consultancy services to be ahead of your competitors and confident with your cyber security.
Dynamic Cybersecurity​

Cyber threats are dynamic and unfold every microsecond and securing these threat requires preventive reviews and quick incidence response. Attaining a sound level of security requires consistent reviews, ongoing monitoring and keeping an eye on emerging challenges. On one hand where this task is time-consuming and requires special intellect, Zepto Systems is equipped with state-of-the-art-tools to provide you with all-around protection and active management alongside fulfilling all the legal compliance.

Digital demand Cybersecurity first approach
In the digital world where information is readily available to everyone, data privacy and protection become even more crucial. Having top-level cyber security that will protect the information of your users and provide them with a trust-able online experience is everyone’s priority. At Zepto Systems, we offer one of the best cyber security consulting services in the UK. Our team constitutes of experienced and expert cyber security consultants who integrate deep analytics, correlation and automation across multiple security domains to ensure your maximum cyber security.

Our Cybersecurity Consultancy Services

We provide strategy design as well as managed solutions optionally with complete governance around your cyber security needs including auditing your suppliers and organisational procedures, applying security measures, ongoing security monitoring, security patching and effective attack management.
  • Cyber Security Hardening
  • Real time Security Incident and Complete Response Management
  • Emergency and Preemptive Threat Response
  • Security Technology Refreshes and Management
  • Managed Transport Layer and Service Endpoint Security
  • Managed Identity & Access Management
  • Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing
  • Assurance Services
  • Business Continuity Planning(BCP)/ and Disaster Response (DR)  Management
  • Application Security Services
  • Hackers activity, Online Fraud, Intrusion detection and User Behavior Analytics
  • Managed Detection & Response

Applied/ Physical Cyber-security areas we cover


Why Choose Us

Our years of experience in the industry and having helped numerous clients in the past make us one of the best machine learning consulting companies in the UK. We have helped our clients in optimizing their business model with machine learning. As a result, our clients have enhanced their business results, and reached their goals.

data science preliminary research

We conduct thorough research and analyse your current system.

data collection

We suggest you ways the will help you in collecting data pro-efficiently.

development of customized solution

We devise solutions that are personalised just for your business. You achieve your goals fast.

Our Consulting Services

The range of services we provide under the umbrella of consultancy include but are not limited to the following:
  • Application Customer Support As Services

  • Cloud Consulting Services

  • Customized Machine Learning Consultancy Services

  • Cyber Security Consulting

  • Expert Customer Service As Service

  • Harness the Power of Big Data

  • IoT Consultancy

  • IoT Consultancy

  • Migrate Your Current Systems

  • Outsourcing Consulting Services

  • Reliable IT Infrastructure

  • Software Development

  • Software Quality Assurance

  • Strategy Consulting Services

  • Upgrades & Renewals Services

  • User Experience Consultancy

  • Web & Application Design