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Since 2009, Zepto System is delivering technology solutions and tailored IT services to customers around the world.
We build, deploy, manage support, secure, automated software, and technology infrastructure in different architectures, technology stacks, and platforms for our clients.

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Over the years, we have developed unique technology delivery and support models, in house expertise, increased outreach to the broader top tech talent, and developed the specialist teams.We continuously invest in Top IT talent acquisition and retention, researching and improving our skills, delivery methods, and service models. We have learned and have attained experience in a variety of business and industry sectors. Hence we optimized the tech delivery pace and have helped them drastically reduced their costs. We are helping our customers from development to implementation of high-end business solutions, process automation, and workflows computerization to data protection, cybersecurity, quality assurance, and customer support.

In other words, we are experienced in from development of high-end web & mobile applications. Computation of data and managing its flows, helping with data protection, implementing, and managing cybersecurity. Increasing reliability with testing software quality assurance, support, and scalability.
Our teams have been using agile methodology to ensure timely delivery and professional design, improved user experience, and information architecture.​


We have teams of solution architects, business analysts, software engineers, web developers and quality assurance analysts working in a close liaison with clients, throughout the software development process, to ensure thier ideas and visions are transformed into reality. With our custom software development solutions, we enable our clients to launch new software products or enhance the existing ones.

Zepto Systems has been working tirelessly for more than 10 years to provide unparalleled IT services to its clients. ​​We specialize in providing tailored solutions to our diversified clientele, and have been able to build an impressive portfolio over the last decade. ​Over the years, we have upgraded multiple desktop-based business applications to online solutions, several CMS system to updated versions, developed innovative business applications for our customers, have revamped technologies and did complete website redesigns for our customer companies keeping the performance high and the costs lower.

Take a look at the skills we offer to learn about our services. Along with this, we also offer no-obligation technical consultations for your business project. Our software experts can advise you on the selection of programming languages, right development platforms and perfect approaches to gain maximum profits.




A cloud service providing you direct access to the top IT experts in the world, either working from our offices or stationed on-site, according to your requirements. We deploy experts from our existing pool or hire on-demand, depending on clients’ needs.



A holistic approach to your technology development with a fully managed solution where we are your complete IT team. Our dedicated experts manage your project, and take full ownership of the development and technological operations to provide you with the best results.



A strategic approach to your project delivery where we take requirements from you and deliver a fully working solution with complete ownership of project delivery. While the project has your vision and strategy, our team works hard to deliver your dream project.

About us

We are an IT service company providing full-scale software development, bespoke solutions, cyber security, managed project development and remote developers to our clients worldwide.

From Ideas to reality

Our unmatched IT outsourcing services are here to help you meet all sorts of technology challenges for years. We have helped businesses unleash their full potential by empowering them with the right set of tools and technology, all while cutting costs to 60% with remote development. We provide our customers with a competitive edge to outsmart their competitors and drive growth to their business.


With a team of deep thinkers, management professionals, web developers, mobile app development experts, software engineers and system administrators.

Don't have a technical background?

No worries, with Zepto Systems – you are in safe hands. We can lay out a complete software development life cycle for you and explain you in simple, non-technical terms. Our IT services do not focus on good code, but yielding excellent results.



We offer our assistance in three delivery models developed with lots of industry experience and are tailored around our client’s needs. We are helpful for startups as well for a growing business needing to grow fast and improve delivery capacity or quality or established business struggling to control their costs. for us nothing is too small or too big.

UX and UI Design

Design builds brand image. Zepto Systems is one of the best web design agencies in the UK helping clients with friendly and interactive UX. We know the value of a good graphic design and are best known for offering perfect user interface designs from custom designs to complete website redesign.

Development And Software Engineering

With a large force of expert software engineers, we work in a close liaison with the client companies throughout the custom software development life cycle. Whether it be mobile application development, web development or custom software development, we engineer it with perfection.

Infrastructure and DevOps

We can perfectly handle complex IT environments with a well trained team of IT infrastructure and devops engineers. Our remote resources can help you handle challenging migrations to cloud and newer technologies.

big data

Leveraging our big data analytics can help you make smarter business choices. We have a team of expert big data developers with expertise in business intelligence, data warehousing, predictive analysis and much more to help you improve growth and productivity

Cyber Security Consulting Services

Strengthening your cyber boundaries including your workspace, application, infrastructure , network is and should be the top most priority of enterprises these days. We are one of the top cyber security services providers in the UK who can help you harden your security mechanism, prevent breaches and protect your data.

Why Outsource?

Software engineering is a booming field and companies from all markets are in a dire need of expert software solutions. IT outsourcing is a innovative way for companies to get perfect software development in a fraction of the costs on shore. Further you can:


Zepto Systems helps you build the best custom software based on your business requirements. We can provide a detailed costing for your project prior to proceeding and assign the correct number of resources to ensure the software development process is smooth and according to your timelines.

Key Benefits of working with Zepto

Over 10 year of our existence, Zepto System has worked with many customers and has developed its experience around a wide range of industries sectors, methodologies, technologies stacks and platforms. We know from experience what will and what will not work for you. need that you will have to go many iterations to learn on your own. Partnering up with Zepto, you get an experienced and reliable partner on your side. Our own training institution has been setup up to train over 60 experts every two months to help groom and find top talent.

We are an emerging IT outsourcing and consulting company who is fully equipped. We have the potential to add great value to your business with a growing technology team.

We make technology delivery with tailored solutions to fit your technology stack and scaling needs. We make stack shift as well as scaling up and down completely hassle and obligation free.

Our certified dedicated consultants come with years of experience on hand and un-matchable exposure of working within a vast field of problem-solving and solution development in the broad range of industry sectors.

We not only make your technology functions efficient, effective and pain-free we also add a huge costs savings aspect to it. our partnership will result you lower this to 60% and increasing efficiency equally depending on the service you choose.

Hire the top experts, technologist, mobile and web developers, software architects, cybersecurity experts, IT infrastructure engineers, mobile application developers and technical consultants with expertise in a wide range of programming languages and software development processes.

Save the hassle to skim and scan the right resources for your project. Constitute the team with right expertise and setup a human resource management. Our outsourcing services are inclusive of these services.