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IT Consultancy to Boost your Success

Zepto Systems is a UK based software house with over 10 years of experience. For the last decade, we have worked with both local and international clients to provide them with top-notch consultancy services to fast track their goals and reach new heights. Whether you are from the UK or anywhere around the world – our expert consultants will help you in realizing your IT dreams.

With a vision to become one of the top UK consulting firms, Zepto Systems provides unparalleled services to its clients. Building strong, trust-worthy relationships with our clients is one of our basic rules. In this cutthroat competitive environment, it is important for businesses to give simply the best products/services to their customers. By partnering up with Zepto Systems’ experienced consultants, you will be able to give the most sophisticated and modern solutions to your customers.

Why Choose Us

Expert consultancy

We have a client retention rate of 95%, which sheds light on the quality of our IT services. Quality and value are all that matter to us.

Flexible arrangement

Keeping in mind that every business has its unique requirements and demands – we offer flexible consultancy plans to our clients.

Reduced Downtime

One of the key features of our consultancy services is our risk and disaster management strategies. Everything has a backup!

Sit back and relax

With our consultancy services, you no longer need to be constantly worried about your IT problems. Our consultants will proactively manage the development team and provide you with the product before even the deadline reaches.

Cost saving

We not only make your technology functions efficient, effective and pain-free we also add a huge costs savings aspect to it. our partnership will result you lower this to 60% and increasing efficiency equally depending on the service you choose.

Save Time

Save the hassle to skim and scan the right resources for your project. Constitute the team with right expertise and setup a human resource management. Our outsourcing services are inclusive of these services.

Our Services

You’d be surprised with the range of our services. Multiple teams are located in multiple offices with specialization in the following areas:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Development
  • Capacity building
  • Software Quality
  • Assurance
  • Customer Services
  • Support
  • Server Infrastructure
  • Cyber Security
  • Outsourcing
  • Capacity building
  • Cloud
  • Machine learning
  • Data-warehouse
  • Big-data
  • IOT
  • Crypto
  • Design
  • User Experience
  • migrations
  • Upgrades
  • Strategy
  • Architecture