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As everything has become digital, the competition in the digital world has also soared. Users and customers expect only the best services and products. It is important to have an impressive user experience to garner the attention of your leads and target audience. The front-end developers at Zepto Systems understand the importance of a killer design that is built to increase sales and customers. Whether you are looking for a full-time front-end developer or only looking for a part-time one, hire the best front-end developers from Zepto Systems. Front-end developers need to have knowledge about both the graphic designing and backend development. They implement the designs within the software working closely with the application back end developers. The websites and web applications require designs implemented with HTML and CSS. Native Mobile applications on Android, Window and iOS require Native language specific front-end experts with exception of Hybrid HTML5 applications

Mobile Applications Native Front-End

Native mobile applications are developed for target platforms supported individually by iOS, Android and Windows mobiles supported by device hardware to produce best user experience.

Windows Mobile APPS are developed with.Net

windows mobile applications are normally developed with C# and window presentation foundation WPF and its mark-up language called XAML using Microsoft visual studio as in IDE.

Web Application Front End

Web application front-end developers needs to have an in-depth knowledge of HTML 5 and CSS3. The modern web delivery becomes much easier if CSS frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap, Foundation, Skelton, Materialize Helium, WebUI, Karma CSS or Pure.css are applied. The CSS becomes much more maintainable and reusable if CSS pre-processor like Sass, LESS, or Stylus are brought into practice. More recently the front end developers also are expected to be an expert in JavaScript core and its platforms like Angular Js, Angular, React, Vue Js, jQuery, Knockout to name a few.

HTML5 Mobile Front-End

Second type of hybrid applications is that executes over a bridging native platform application like PhoneGap or Cordova as locally stored web application built with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. A combination of HTML5, CSS3, jQuery Mobile, Angular and React Js of other MVVM platforms can be used for HTML5 mobile application development.

iOS Front-End development

Our professioanl resources specialise in all the necessary iOS development skills including wireframes and storyboards. Apps are mostly developed over XCode with iOS SDK using Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Our experienced developers make sure your requirements are properly understood and delivered.

Andriod Front-End development

Android being open platform has multiple choices to develop the apps natively still the preferred native common programming language remains to be Java. The Front end is usually developed with XML layout mark-up language. Android developers including front-enders can use multiple IDEs among most common Eclipse IDE.

Hybrid mobile applications Front-End

The hybrid applications usually follow same code base for multiple platforms hence providing most cost-effective models of mobile applications development. Two type of hybrid application possible.

Xamarin and React Native Front-End

First type of the hybrid mobile applications are the one developed with languages complaining into the native equivalent to build native applications. The example of these top end common platforms are Xamarin and React Native.