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Our custom software runs in 400+ Universities Banks, Digital Media and Startups around the globe. Increase Your Business Efficiency with our Custom Software Solutions. With our decade-long expertise in software development, we provide you with timely delivery and above-par-excellent products, built only for you.

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We love technology challenges

We help our clients and partners by providing them with IT projects that work perfectly for their business requirements. Our team constitutes of developers, managers, product architects who have just the right expertise and experience.

Our tailored IT solutions have helped our clients in the past by bridging the gap between their vision and reality.

From Product Conception to Delivery

Being thoroughly aware of twists, turns and line-ups required for creating software products, we leave no stone unturned to deliver what you envisioned. Using agile methodology to introduce changes in the software development cycle easily and to keep our clients always in sync with what’s happening in the background has helped us gaining trust from them for the last 10 years.

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We have extensive experience in developing, implementing and supporting CRM, ERP, CMS and Online Retail solutions. With five offices worldwide and a growing development and delivery team tailored to customer needs, we are helping enterprises and startups optimise delivery and significantly cut and control cost to typically around 60% of the original overhead.


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Zepto Systems has 10+ years of experience, when it comes to developing fully-managed IT Products for Your Business. We have teams of dedicated and expert Developers, Managers, Administrators, and QA Engineers who have years of experience to work on your dream project and applications. Give us a call today and talk to our experts!