Custom clouds and Infrastructures development services

Reliable continuous delivery and online operations with automation we can help organizations providing cloud solutions or requiring developing their own clouds for their own hardware infrastructure including colocations or wanted to build their own dedicated cloud for high performance and cost savings.

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DevOps and DataOps - Fast reliable and secure IT development and operations

We help organization to build their customized infrastructure for their application and high-speed processing needs linked to their in-house and collocation sever infrastructures where they need custom virtualization or containerized application deployments, centralized storage system for mass as well high-speed storage for distributed applications or shared storage for highly available systems.

  • Hardware virtualization .
  • Characterizations
  • Block storage and shred storage solutions
  • Motoring systems setup and customization
  •  Network  routers, firewalls and  switch configuration and management
  • HIDS and NIDS setup and monitoring
  •  Mail servers and bulk email relay setups and support
  • VPNs and Secure tunneling

Our Oracle Services

With the help of our highly experienced Oracle developers, Zepto Systems has evolved to become a leader in database management and support with satisfied clients all over the world. Applying the best and up-to-date Oracle versions to your business, we help you grow effortlessly. Hiring with Zepto Systems ensures scalability and growth for your IT processes. Below listed are some services our efficient oracle developers can provide:

Virtualization and Containerization

We are helping our customers with Virtualizations and Containerizations to meet their technology needs and on-demand scaling ambitions. Virtualization: with VMWare, EXI, XEN, KVM and Microsoft Hyper-V Containers: like Dockers and Kubernetes

Network Configurations of Switches, Routers and Firewalls

Our expertise and experts include CISCO, Juniper, Huawei, HP, Microsoft and Sophos stack and their certified engineers.
We have helped configure IPtables, EBtables firewalls including Sophos and AES. VPNs and gateways of different kind.

Storage solutions

Block & Shared Storage Setup, Management and  Troubleshooting We develop customized solutions for your block and shared storage needed around GlustFS, Cheph, NAS, NFS, iSCSI, BTRFS. We help with setup, support and troubleshooting and tailoring of these technologies to the applications IOPS needs within infrastructures. our teams are also well versed with other storage technologies like SAN

Mail Servers and build mailers

Mail servers and bulk email relay setups and support We have expertise in setting up mails servers and bulk email relay servers for Transactional Emails for SaaS products where using third party relay services like MailChimp, DotMailer, SendGrid, MailGun and Mandrill cannot be used for policy, efficiency or reliability reasons. In short, we know how to route email directly to an inbox where others fail to do that.

SSO solutions services

Single Sign on (SSO) Identity (IDP) And Service (SP) Providers Large arenizations, distributed online solutions providers and educational institutions need central authentication systems and we specialize in setting up and integrating them applications out of the box available solutions.

We specialize in Implementing both identity providers (IDP) and SPS with SAML2 authentication such as Shibboleth, Microsoft ADFS and CAS servers. We also have expertise in integrating these with applications developed in different technologies including php, python , java and .net.

Call centre services and Call Centres Solutions

We provide call centre services as well services to call centres for their voice needs.
Voice Over Ip technical Solutions
IP PABX, IP PBX, VOIP, SMS Gateways setups and maintenance
Our professionals are helping our customers with creating phone gateways and server infrastructure for handling calls, Text and Video communications, call Recordings and SIP Interfacing and help with phone diallers and auto-diallers and servers with Asterisk, Kannel and CISO solutions