Help Desk and Support Services

Are you looking for setting up professional help desk or second/third tier support? If yes, we are here to help and provide fully managed customer support. It will help in increasing your customers’ confidence, satisfaction and retention. We tailor these customer services that can work for business hours, and round the clock as well as over the week ends.

Why Choose Us

Help Desk

We specialize in providing complete help desk services. Zepto Systems provide multi tier support for your customers and prospects. The functions can cover the time zones and also the peak and off peak hours.


Whether your application is buggy and needs fixing to keep it live or you want to enhance its features to empower your users, you got it! With more self service and power tools we can help your business significantly.


Application infrastructures needs consistent monitoring , upgrades, migration and scaling. Along with that, we provide: complete change, configuration management and disaster recovery.

Customer Support Service by Zepto Systems

Zepto Systems Consultancy prides itself in using an innovative and personal approach. Because we understand the concerns of our clients, efficient and timely support to the customer base of our clientele is provided proactively. We also realize the importance of application customer support and thereof provide you with qualified staff. At Zepto Systems, only the best of customer service representatives are hired for our application support team in UK to ensure best response to our clients. Our customer support staff first undergoes rigorous training on your products/services to get a thorough understanding. the second step is to test their knowledge so that each of your customer is satisfied. Professional Customer Support & Help Desk Our team is equipped with technical as well as non-technical knowledge of your products/services to cover all bases. With impressive response time and unparalleled service – we enable you to focus on your business while we take care of other aspects. Our in-house IT team ensures that your customers’ end-to-end IT needs are fully met. The impeccable IT support given to the customers will solve all their queries in real-time. With a team of experienced IT support representatives who have sound technical knowledge – you can sit back and relax.

Why Us?

24/7 Support

Your customer can be anywhere around the globe and it is important that their queries are answered every time there is any. This is why we offer 24/7 hour services.


Our customer support reps are tech-savvy and trained according to the products and services you offer so that your customers and leads are always happy.


It is crucial that customer service reps are professional and experienced enough to understand your customers and satisfy them with answers.


Our customer support reps treat every customer query as a genuine concern from a human and answer them with compassion and find solutions that are the most effective.