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Achieve your long term goals & short-term goals, proactively and efficiently with Zepto Systems Strategy Consultants. Become a better decision-maker with the help of our highly knowledgeable and experienced consultants.  

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Building Block of a business

Strategy Consulting is one of the most crucial aspects of your business. Without having a practical and revenue-generating strategy, a business can neither attain its goals nor make the customer/clients satisfied with their products/services. A great strategy works like the building block of a business and gives directions to the stakeholders about where they need to focus their energies on. Our holistic approach helps clients in achieving more in lesser time. 

consultancy services we offer

We help clients in addressing different challengers they are experiencing in their businesses and achieving their aims. Zepto Systems offers strategy consulting across a number of areas, which include:
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Business Model Transformation
  • Economic Policy
  • Organizational Strategy
  • Digital Strategy
  • Functional Strategy
  • Strategy & Operations

Service Models we Offer

We provide solutions that drive growth. Over a decade of serving a diverse group of clients from tech startups to multi-national enterprises, we have prepared a proven success mechanism ready to be tailored for you. We have optimized our growth not by following the steps of top IT consulting firms, but creative innovative solutions.  Serving our clients’ best interests, we provide flexible and standard services categorized in three delivery models that we can tailor around your needs targeting your organizational requirements, goals and needs. Fast growth usually bundled with up to 60% of cost savings


A holistic approach to your technology development with a fully managed solution where we are your complete IT team. Our dedicated experts manage your project, and full ownership of the development and technological operations to provide you with the best results.

fix cost project delivery

A strategic approach to your project delivery where we take requirements from you and deliver a complete working solution with full ownership of project delivery. While the project has your vision and strategy, our team works to deliver your dream project.


A cloud service providing you direct access to the top IT experts in the world, either working from our offices or stationed on-site according to your requirements. We can deploy experts from our existing pool or hire on-demand. 

Our Partners

Why choose Zepto Systems Consultancy

Zepto Systems has been working in the local and international market for more than a decade now. We have served to a diversified group of clients over the years and are proud of delivering exactly what we promise. With our consultancy services, you still get to have control over your business while leaving the behind-the-scenes working on us. There are several factors which came into play, making us the best option to choose for migration consultancy. Here are a few:
  • Cut down Costs: Hire two senior level resources in the budget of one fresh in-house Java developer.
  • Save time: Build your own team from scratch by interviewing our pre-scanned profiles.
  • No hidden costs: We don’t have any hidden charges that might come up later.
  • Bullet-proof security: Your data is protected with us via a non-disclosure agreement.
  • Flexibility: Our clients are free to scale their teams whenever they wish according to the project requirements.
  • Great inter-personal skills: All of our resources have excellent English speaking and interpersonal communication skills which eliminates any barriers which are a common problem in out-sourcing.
  • Fully-dedicated team: Dedicated resources for your project ensure timely delivery of the project and highest quality.
  • Work on your terms: We believe that every client has the right to outsource experienced teams at cost-effective rates and this is why we provide the most budget-friendly right sourcing packages.

strategy & planning consulting with zepto systems

We believe in providing customers and clients with strategies and solutions and that are aligned with their business goals. Strategy and Planning consulting deserve maximum time and attention. Once a great strategy has been devised, you can define processes and expand it easily. But without a reliable and practical strategy, you will end up wasting your valued time, energy and resources.

Every business is unique, which is why every strategy is tailored according to our clients and their vision. Over the last 10 years, we have worked with a range of B2C and B2B clients, belonging from different sectors, all over the world.

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