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We are strongly focused on providing IT consulting services and solutions to fit modern day business challenges.  As the world is now increasingly dependent on IT to create ease of business, Zepto Systems is your trusted IT partner.  Our services and terms are tailored for agility to the needs of our clients in modern cloud-enabled world. fully covering from development to support and from IT architecture to disaster recovery.


Integrate state-of-the-art technological solutions to your business with us. Decide what kind of help you require and we will tailor our IT solutions and teams around your needs. Our services range from IT consulting to fully managed and unmanaged IT assistance.

an it team you can trust

Zepto Systems  is your technology partner in shaping your business 

Get the industry best IT consulting as well as outsourcing services with our skilled  resources stationed in house or deployed remote, readily available at our offshore offices and save up to 60% of the in-house costs. You can either outsource your IT project to our skilled staff or hire a single developer as an extension of your in-house IT team. Contact today and get started in less than 8 weeks!

Service Models we Offer

We provide solutions that drive growth. Over a decade of serving a diverse group of clients from tech startups to multi-national enterprises, we have prepared a proven success mechanism ready to be tailored for you. We have optimized our growth not by following the steps of top IT consulting firms, but creative innovative solutions.  Serving our clients’ best interests, we provide flexible and standard services categorized in three delivery models that we can tailor around your needs targeting your organizational requirements, goals and needs. Fast growth usually bundled with up to 60% of cost savings

IT Consulting

A holistic approach to your technology growth with a fully managed solution where we become your complete IT team. We call it your vision of our strategy and delivery with our management by our dedicated experts with complete ownership.

Agency / Project

A strategic approach to your project delivery where we take requirements only and deliver a complete solution around your needs. We call it your vision and strategy delivered with our management by our experts. we deal with different sizes of projects so nothing is too small or too big.

Right Sourcing / Cloud Employees

IT Employees as a cloud service providing you direct access to our top IT experts working from our office or stationed on site. Experts deployed them from our existing pool or hired on demand. The offer comes with speed of team formation, covering a wide range of skills .

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How are we helping our customers ?

Our IT consulting services have befitted many enterprises streamline their business and augment growth.  providing, back-end, front-end, full stack and mobile application developers, quality assurance (QA, SQA & QA automation) experts, system administrators , DevOps engineers , support engineers , technical managers and cybersecurity experts on demand basis working for them remotely from our offices. We assist our valued clients in bridging the skill gaps, speeding up their technology delivery functions, improving efficiency and reducing more than half of the costs.

the ways we are helping our customers ?

now we are keen to server you too.

Finding it difficult to scale your IT team? Get smart, go offshore

We are here to help ensure both speed and quality The average recruitment timeline of an IT job is 3-6 months. Can you afford to waste this time, when we can provide an experienced resource right away? Remote hiring with us is hassle free and comes with free replacements.

Your business is vulnerable to hackers. Do something before it's too late!

We provide strong cyber security by safeguarding and hardening it for you on an ongoing basis. Cybersecurity dynamics in the world are rapidly changing and require active applied management to secure the data and its privacy. Outsourcing your cyber security tasks to our well trained, fully equipped and readily available resources to help you gain more in less.

Get your IT projects delivered on time

Want complete IT Outsourcing services or looking for a MVP model. We offer the best IT solutions with full ownership and end to end delivery. Whether it requires research, build or rebuild we provide it all with up to 60% cost saving. We can also help with product maintenance and ongoing 24×7 support.

Technology and team tailored to your needs

Out of the box solutions cannot solve every problem? We are keen listeners, always looking to improve and provide for your business ambitions. We provide a qualified team, fully understanding the importance of getting it right from qualification to hiring, development, and deployment.

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