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Web and Mobile Designs

Designs that Impress

In the digital world, having a killer design can be the break or make point for your business. Majority of the internet users first research about your business, spend time interacting with your website and only then make a decision. If your website’s design is not up to the mark and fails to impress a website visitor, you will lose a potential customer.

Your website acts as your virtual sales representative, 24 hours a day and even days a week. The placement of your CTAs, responsiveness, web-banners in the right proportionate are some of the most crucial factors of website design.

Zepto Systems Consultancy

Behind every successful execution is a powerful idea. Our expert consultant designers have creative vision to transform your rough ideas into perfect wireframes and then convert them into designs that are in sync with your business and your business goals. 

The size of your company does not matter to us, whether you are a small business or have global presence, having a digital presence is a necessity in this time and age. You can not only keep up with your current clients/customers but also attract a much larger, wider target market. A website or mobile application can never appeal to a user if it is not designed perfectly.

At Zepto Systems Consultancy, we understand the importance of good design for our customers and provide them with professional and elegant designs that convince their users to stay on the website and take the desired actions. 




We conduct thorough analysis of your website/application design and find the loopholes and issues with it. This analysis works as the base for the future design of your website and application.

Landing page

When you don't want to create a complete website for a seasonal or limited time product/service - landing page is the best way to go forward. We design interactive landings pages, customised to your business requirements.


It is crucial that the design work on your website and mobile application is optimised and updated according to the changing trends. When you don't want to change the entire design, our designers make just the right tweaks and changes to optimise your website.


Whether your users and going to access your website on a desktop, tablet or a smartphone, it will not affect the look of your website. All websites are designed responsively so that you always give the best to your customers.