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We are a global e-commerce consulting agency that has been providing clients all over the world with unparalleled Amazon seller support services, so that they can focus on their core business.

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Our Amazon Back Office Services:

1. Product Listing & Optimization

The first and foremost thing is to enlist your products on Amazon. At Zepto Systems, we plan everything before taking a step so when it comes to creating a product list on Amazon, it starts with keyword research so that your products show up on the top. By conducting market research, we analyze what your competitors are doing and use the insights to optimize product descriptions and enlisting.

Majority of the product listing on Amazon are not done the right way; either they are not optimized or optimized for the wrong search terms and keywords. Our highly qualified eCommerce consultants closely take a look at your product listing and optimize them to have a better ranking and henceforth close more sales. Our Product Listing & Optimization services include:

  • Uploading products with the right keywords
  • Updating products on Amazon
  • Optimizing images, titles & descriptions of products
  • Optimizing products listing

2. Account Management

Hire our expert e-commerce team that has vast experience and expertise with regards to Amazon. A dedicated account manager is appointed to handle and look over your account. From keeping tabs on your Amazon account’s performance to creating daily reports and effective communication with you, our team works day in and day out to take your account to the next level. Our account management services include:

  • Setup a new account
  • Redeem a blocked account
  • Daily reporting
  • Enhance a current account

3. PPC Campaign Setting

Increase your product sales with our excellent Amazon PPC management services. Run effective and efficient ad campaigns that are true to your products and business. We create customized PPC campaigns for our clients so that you can get the best return on your investment. Our talented Amazon PPC team strives to design each campaign that will result in maximum profit for you. By constantly learning from the past campaigns, we optimize every campaign so that it is an improved version of the previous one. Our Amazon PPC services include the following:

  • Keyword research
  • Market analysis & research
  • Optimizing PPC campaign
  • Setting up PPC campaign
  • Daily Reporting

4. Sales and Customer Support

Both sales and customer support are two of the most important departments of any digital store. When you have an Amazon account and you are selling products, it is important to have a well-informed, sales-engaging sales customer support team that will help in closing more sales.

At Zepto Systems, we have gathered some of the best sales and customer support reps around the globe. Intense training sessions are held to educate them about your business and products so that they answer any type of query that a customer/lead might have. Our excellent sales and customer support teams are:

  • Well-informed about your products & business
  • Active help in closing more sales
  • Years of experience in field
  • Articulate with splendid communication skills

5. Reputation Building

Getting customers to land on your product page or for your products to appear at the top in search is another thing but actually convincing the potential customer to buy your product is another thing. Understanding the difference between these two helps us in working on aspects that will push leads to convert into customers.

At Zepto Systems, we offer a wide range of reputation building services to ensure that majority of the leads become customers. Our services include:

  • Reviews
  • Customer interaction
  • Buy Box
  • Editor Choice
  • Price Reviews
  • Value added services
  • Position bidding

6. Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is used to analyze the accumulated data and sort it out to understand customers and market trends better. It helps in understanding the different driving factors behind a successful/unsuccessful campaign, the underlying reasons why a product is not selling like earlier and why a competitor is getting more customers and sales than us.

At Zepto Systems, our expert team of business analysts take into account all the factors that play in the success or failure of your business. If your products are not selling on Amazon, they will figure out the different contributing reasons behind it and provide you with actionable steps to improve it. Our business intelligence services include the following:

  • Consumer and market trends
  • Pricing promotion optimization
  • Demand forecasting
  • Research

Service Models we Offer

We provide solutions that drive growth. Over a decade of serving a diverse group of clients from tech startups to multi-national enterprises, we have prepared a proven success mechanism ready to be tailored for you. We have optimized our growth not by following the steps of top IT consulting firms, but creative innovative solutions. Serving our clients’ best interests, we provide flexible and standard services categorized in three delivery models that we can tailor around your needs targeting your organizational requirements, goals and needs. Fast growth usually bundled with up to 60% of cost savings



A holistic approach to your technology development with a fully managed solution where we are your complete IT team. Our dedicated experts manage your project, and full ownership of the development and technological operations to provide you with the best results.

fix cost project delivery


A strategic approach to your project delivery where we take requirements from you and deliver a complete working solution with full ownership of project delivery. While the project has your vision and strategy, our team works to deliver your dream project.



A cloud service providing you direct access to the top IT experts in the world, either working from our offices or stationed on-site according to your requirements. We can deploy experts from our existing pool or hire on-demand.