Zepto Systems offers some exclusive custom made SaaS products that can be fully tailored to the business needs of various enterprises. Our senior architects have conducted complete business analysis and closely monitor the software development life-cycle to make sure the projects fully meet industry standards.


Zepto System has its own custom built CRM developed to help business track their sales activities and boost productivity up to 100%. The Right CRM has proven to work wonders to our clients so far and its robust and highly user friendly features enable companies to adapt the interface quickly and get started in no time. The CRM comes with a mobile app too making easier to access and good to go. The project is developed in  Angular JS and Oracle to match with the industry standards. 


The open source CRM software is developed keeping in mind specific needs of business and offers out of the box features with unlimited add-on options. The right CRM offers:
  • Higher flexibility
  • Easy Scalability
  • Activity tracking
  • Task Automation
  • Multiple Filters
  • Customized reporting
  • Decreased sale cycle
  • Increased Lead conversion

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Multichannel support

Interact, connect and close the deal
The CRM software has various communication channels to interact with clients including live chat, email and voice calls. Having the same medium of communication, it’s easier to keep track on previous conversations, set follow ups and maintain relations.

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Better insights with Right CRM

Using many apps for data storage may get your data wind up in silos especially when these apps are not integrated with each other. Right CRM presents the whole business picture in a single app that makes it time efficient, transparent and productive.

Tasks automation

Lesser things to worry about
As the team grows, processes become complex and a lot of time gets wasted in documentation and follow ups. Upgrade your business from spreadsheet to Right CRM and get extensive and transparent documentation along with automated reminders and follow ups


Know what your team is up to

Right CRM keeps record of all the daily activities conducted by the employees, client interactions and status of leads. With multiple filters, it is easier to search for the specific task or client without wasting any time.


Right Jobs is a custom-built job search portal made in PHP to cater the needs of recruitment companies making hiring processes easier and efficient. The portal can be tailored to the specific business needs of companies and with its easy interface, complete transparency and advanced filters, companies can save more than half of the hiring time. ​The SaaS app can be integrated to business websites to help them maintain their own resource database and gain online presence.


The app comes with two different interfaces depending on the users. For job seekers in displays various options for advanced search and matching job vacancies whereas employers get the best suited candidates for the post they are advertising for.
The product is deployed on AWS cloud with the following technologies being used to run it:
  • PHP framework
  • Code igniter
  • JQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • MySQL 
  • Elastic Search 

Employer's end

Employers can:

  • Post jobs easily
  • Add multiple vacancies against a listed company
  • View CV’s online and download selective ones
  • Set multiple filters for advanced search
  • Shortlist candidates quick from huge databases


Jobseekers can:
  • Search for jobs of interest
  • Setup a profile
  • Upload CV’s and get in the database
  •  Build CV with RightJobs
  • Save Jobs and view application progress

Click Fraud detection

Click Fraud Detection is an advanced SaaS application by Zepto Systems developed to scrutinize paid adverts and their impact on businesses. The app utilises MEAN stack technology for its implementation and offers the users with mutliple fraud detection options.


A lot of companies these days are leveraging google adwords and ppc  for getting their businesses visible. However, there isn’t any sure way of knowing where the clicks are coming from or whether the ads are displayed on promised positions. Click fraud detection crawls through the user history and gives clients the clear insight about the clicks on their ads.  

The application is designed to  allow clients to track user activities, block certain IP’s/users, get traffic demographics and follow the organic clicks. 

Track User Activities

The application allows clients to see what the user is browses, pages visited, clicks and bounce rate.

Block user/IP

The application helps companies to prevent scams by allowing them to blocking access of certain users or IPs.

Organic Clicks

Know about the real time click on your website and the advanced statistics about the end user.

Extract user demographics

The user can view exactly where the clicks are coming from, the device used to access websites and the accurate IP’s of the user.

The application is designed to  allow clients to track user activities, block certain IP’s/users, get traffic demographics and follow the organic clicks. 

Right Property

Right Property is an advanced real estate portal with more than 5000 property listings of different types. The user friendly web-based portal has made it easier for the buyers to browse residential and commercial properties available for sale and rent. On sellers end, they can post their properties online and can maintain inventory with digital tools provided. Landlords and agents can publish properties for rent as well. This platform is connecting potential buyers to sellers and tenants to the landlords. The product is gaining popularity and is attracting increasing number of online visitors and covering additional areas on daily basis. With its high feasibility, the product is set up to be sold as a SaaS product.

Technical Stack

The product is deployed on AWS cloud with the following technologies being used:
  • MEAN AND LAMP stac
  • jQuery​
  • MySQL​
  • CSS3
  • ​WordPress
  • Bootstrap technologies


The product works on both for buyer and seller end with advanced filters to skim out listings. The app: 

  • Allows sellers to post property information, merchandising tools and list their demands
  • Displays diverse range of properties including residential, commercial properties and agricultural land 
  • Provides filters including property type, geographical areas and price range 
  • Potential buyers can browse for relevant properties in their desired cities and proximities 
  • Buyers can cheery pick from 100’s of property listings 

Regular Updates

The application keeps the registered clients updated on the new listings they might be interested in.

Task Automation

The portal allows users to automate certain tasks which saves time, money and resources.

advanced filters

End user can put up various filters to skim out the desired properties. The listings include commercial and residential plots, rental and properties for sale.

Multiple integrations

The web based app can be integrated to different social media channels so stakeholders and interested users can easily share the properties on  their social accounts 

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