Database development maintenance and support services

We cover all major database engines including oracle, MySQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL , MongoDb and Elastic Search

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Database Development & Management Services

Zepto Systems is known for its comprehensive range of database development and management services including Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, and much more. Our expert staff help companies with day to day monitoring of your database taking away your maintenance concerns. We assist you in the complete database development process from conceptualisation to planning and administration to troubleshooting and maintenance.

Our support services include backup, cloning, application up-gradation, migration and performance tuning services among others. At Zepto Systems, we believe in quality and quick deliveries and with that in mind we are always ahead of the given timelines

WHY CHOOSE Zepto Systems?


Following is a detailed list of database services we provide.

  • Oracle complete stack
  • MySQL server and Percona clusters
  • MSSQL Server
  • Mongodb and other nosql database
  • ElasticSearch
  • PostgreSQL


Over the periods, Zepto Systems has helped a huge number of companies grow with the database and data operations. We specialize in scaling, clustering , replications and backup management and performance tuning of the different database engines. With vast industry experience and a network of qualified engineers Zepto has grown to be a leading software development service provider in South Asia, Europe, and USA.