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Hire Certified Cybersecurity Experts and it security services -fully managed security solutions and outsourcing. Zepto Systems helps you build resilience to strengthen your business. Our services in applied Cyber Security arena cover wireless, network, infrastructure and application security. Moreover, we deal in security honey potting, attack prevention, detection and management, testing, hardening and securing against vulnerabilities and exploitation. Fill the form above and get a free consultation from our cyber security experts today!

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Server and infrastructure hardening - secure your servers secure your data

Infrastructure and its servers along with third party software suffer ongoing changes, outdoing and aging causing security weakens eventually opening up for the hackers. This could simply happen when server operating system or installed software is not patched, is badly configured, with time additional software are installed and combination is know for opening the holes, a user that has left the company still and its still existed usually causes these weakness that provide in road for intruders. We know from experience that majority of infrastructures get into this problems and resource shortage lowers priority leaves this unmannaged. Don’t ignore it, talk to our cyber security experts to get help catering your server hardening needs.

Network Security HIDS and NIDS Setup and on going monitoring

Most sophisticated hackers do not leave any traces behind, so finding out if an intrusion has ever happens is very difficult unless host intrusion detection system (HIDS) and Network intrusion detection system is installed , fully configured and maintained. Such a system is useless unless is monitored and system is configured to close down suspicious activity automatically. We provide the best cyber security experts that can help you with intrusion detection and its complete management.

secure your applications secure your data

Your web-applications and data behind is wide open to hackers unless its secured by penetration testing against many open vulnerabilities. The process starts with testing to find the vulnerabilities followed by developers closing each of them. Our penetration test experts are trained in finding the majority of open weaknesses. We can provide fixing service too if your in house team needs helping hands. This is an iterative process and we are here to help secure your application code and infrastructure. Our well-trained cyber security experts always keep you updated on your security levels and acts promptly in case of any data breach.

Our expertise at a glance

We have a team of Certified Ethical Hackers and Cyber security experts with certifications in CISM, CEH, CIPM, and CISSP. They are specialised in securing infrastructure, security testing applications, server hardening, request and traffic filtering. The team knows how to handle security and we cover all areas concerned to data protection, mainly:

Our expertise at a glance

We have experts hands on with following tools: Dnsmap, urlcrazy, fragrouter, unicorn, Jhontheripper,wireshark, Nexpose, OpenVAS, Nessus, Accunetix, Metaspolit, Metasploit, Burpsuite, SQLMap, Beef Xss framework, Jhonny, Medusa and Hamster.
  • Wireless and network security, VPN setups, secure tunneling and securing the firewalls and gateways.
  • Host-based intrusion detection system (HIDS), network-based intrusion detection system (NIDS) and tools like SNORT and SQUID.
  • Following and adapting to The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) and adhering to Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM) and complying with Information Systems Security Assessment Framework (ISSAF) and performing PEST Analysis.

Why choose Zepto Systems Consultancy

Zepto Systems has been working in the local and international market for more than a decade now. We have served to a diversified group of clients over the years and are proud of delivering exactly what we promise. With our consultancy services, you still get to have control over your business while leaving the behind-the-scenes working on us. There are several factors which came into play, making us the best option to choose for migration consultancy. Here are a few:
Cut down Costs

Hire two senior level resources in the budget of one fresh in-house Java developer.

Save time

Build your own team from scratch by interviewing our pre-scanned profiles.

No hidden costs

We don’t have any hidden charges that might come up later.

Bullet-proof security

Your data is protected with us via a non-disclosure agreement.


Our clients are free to scale their teams whenever they wish according to the project requirements.

Inter-personal skills

All of our resources have excellent English speaking and interpersonal communication skills which eliminates any barriers which are a common problem in out-sourcing.

Fully-dedicated team

Dedicated resources for your project ensure timely delivery of the project and highest quality.

Work on your terms

We believe that every client has the right experienced teams at cost-effective rates and this is why we provide the most budget-friendly right sourcing packages.

Key Facets of our cyber security services

CISM – Certified experts CEH  – Certified experts
CIPM -Certified Information Privacy Manager CISSP – Certified experts
VPN Setups and management SSL
OWASP – complete program implementation OSSTMM
HIDS NIDS  – real time detection and forced stopping
ISO27001 – complete management from statement of applicability to on ground implementation SOC2 reporting and compliance implementation
Penetration Testing Application Security
Server Hardening Firewalls
Injection prevention within (form, cookie, query string and http headers) including SQL, LDAP,  Shell-shock injections to name a few.

Hire Industry's best remote cyber security experts

Cyber security dynamics in the world are transforming and require active applied management to secure the data and its privacy. We in Zepto Systems are experienced in ensuring that the data physically is protected and the servers and infrastructure are hardened and kept safe on an ongoing basis. The malicious activities and attacks are detected, monitored and actively stopped before they cause the damage. Communication lines are properly protected and data leakages and sniffing is prevented. Wireless networks and device connectivity is toughened and secured against spoofing. Application security aspects are covered during the development life-cycle and deployment is secured, guarded and defended against current and emerging challenges.