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We help organizations speed up their product development, software testing, product deployment, IT operations, data operations, backups and recovery including disaster management, infrastructure scaling and load peak handling with partial and complete automation.

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Global DevOps and DataOps experts at Zepto Systems

Concerned about efficiency and speed of your IT delivery team and every day rising cost this is time for you to bring in the innovation and a change. A much needed change that guarantees your organizational success by revising, replacing and optimizing the dated procedures and processes within your software development, deployment, support and maintenance life cycle by introduction automation. This will spare your precious telnet and important resources to focus back on innovations and driving the organizational growth. We have been partnering with our customers to achieve their goals set around automation and improving efficiencies and lower the costs. Following is the list of services, we provide in the development, testing, operational, support and maintenance covering Deveops, Testops and Dataops concepts.
  • Continuous integration
  • Continuous and automated testing
  • Automated deployments
  • Automated backups and recovery
  • Automation in infrastructural setups and scaling
  • Automation in Disaster recovery.
  • Automation in Cyber security and cyber-attack management
  • Automation in application fault detection


We provide solutions that drive growth. Over a decade of serving a diverse group of clients from tech startups to multi-national enterprises, we have prepared a proven success mechanism ready to be tailored for you. We have optimized our growth not by following the steps of top IT consulting firms, but creative innovative solutions. Serving our clients’ best interests, we provide flexible and standard services categorized in three delivery models that we can tailor around your needs targeting your organizational requirements, goals and needs. Fast growth usually bundled with up to 60% of cost savings
Continues integration
We bring development and operations teams together in sharing their responsibility through DevOps techniques. We help our customers speed up their product development and rollout process. Few or our expertise includes Puppet, Chef and Ansible, Jenkin, VSTS, HockeyApp, and Cordova, xUnit, Junit, Selenium, Jasmine, and Mocha. We can work out variations on open Unix stack and Microsoft platforms according to your needs as well.
TestOps Automated Testing
Recent advances with testing tools and open source tools have made it possible for many organizations to achieve success with automation in application testing and achieving 100 automation with TestOps and our test engineers are helping many of customers deliver success and provide wider test case coverage rising well over 60 percent for extremely complex applications too.
Automated deployments
Medium and large scale applications takes lots of time during live deployments and create main hurdle in release role out process. our experience shows this is manual deployments are fully error prone and cause many issues ongoing further its very cumbersome and time consuming process. Automation in deployments not only speeds up the rollout it also provides peace of mind from range of after release issues and huge cost savings for your entire technology team. we not only can study this process for your organization we can also suggest and implement it too.
DataOps - Automated Backups And recovery
Operations linked to data and providing it for different purposes including analytics, moving it warehouse and backing up on time and providing automation for its restoring and making it readily available for use and recovery process is our specialty and our data analysits , datawarehousing experts, data administrators combined with automation engineers can build you repeatable automated process to manage your data operations. many of our experts have helped different organizations achieving the DataOps needs.

Why choose Zepto Systems Consultancy

Zepto Systems has been working in the local and international market for more than a decade now. We have served to a diversified group of clients over the years and are proud of delivering exactly what we promise. With our consultancy services, you still get to have control over your business while leaving the behind-the-scenes working on us. There are several factors which came into play, making us the best option to choose for migration consultancy. Here are a few:
Cut down Costs

Hire two senior level resources in the budget of one fresh in-house Java developer.

Save time

Build your own team from scratch by interviewing our pre-scanned profiles.

No hidden costs

We don’t have any hidden charges that might come up later.

Bullet-proof security

Your data is protected with us via a non-disclosure agreement.


Our clients are free to scale their teams whenever they wish according to the project requirements.

Inter-personal skills

All of our resources have excellent English speaking and interpersonal communication skills which eliminates any barriers which are a common problem in out-sourcing.

Fully-dedicated team

Dedicated resources for your project ensure timely delivery of the project and highest quality.

Work on your terms

We believe that every client has the right experienced teams at cost-effective rates and this is why we provide the most budget-friendly right sourcing packages.

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