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24x7 cyber attack prevention and motioning with round the clock operations

Cybersecurity - preemptive and on demand security management

In modern world where data is king and data protection is absolutely necessary for business survivals and competitive edge can be lost within no time, or single breach can cause huge embarrassment and business loss.  we are here to protect you applications with our applied measures for application, infrastructure  and data security.

we have team of industry best fully certified cybersecurity experts and certified ethical hackers ready to serve you for your emerging current and future cybersecurity challenges providing you complete peace of mind. Following is the list of cyber services we provide for your system.


  • Active Cyber security and cyber-attack management
  • Cyber attack prevention, detection and active stopping.
  •  OWASP top 10 vulnerability protection program implementation.
  • Servers hardening and security upgrading along with software patching.
  • Securing the data in motion as well in storage and backups
  • Host and network Intrusion detection and prevention
  • Forensic analysis of suspected attacks
  • we also provide cybersecurity experts and certified ethical hackers for your remote team augmentation
  • Penetration testing and vulnerabilities closing.
  • Automation for speed and cost saving.

Cybersecurity services seen by us

The cyber-attack happens any time and all the time and these happen silently, and majority of time do not get noticed at all. professional hacker doesn’t leave clues behind and can only be caught when they are in action. The cyber-world works extremely fast, there is no value of applied cyber security if these cannot stop attacks before they happen or can’t detect and stop while they are happening. if they every infiltrated and have broken into the system usually there are only few minutes to act and stop before its completely over.
In modern data driven world many businesses fail when they lose data and competitors get access to it. GDPR and any applied data security regulations respond very strictly when companies fail to take basic steps to protect the personal data.
Cybersecurity is not a one of thing its ongoing work and needs to put in a process that needs active management.

Cyber Security AND Cyber Attack Management

We help our customers in cyber security implementation , auditing and ongoing monitoring. This also includes systems security updates and upgrades plus implementing server hardening procedures. We provide NIDS and HIDS monitoring, 24X7 security alert and controlling cyber attacks.
We implement firewalls and traffic routing, rerouting from security and protection perspectives. We implement and follow different security programs like OWASP and OSSTMM.

What we call a securer system

following are few key facets that can help us call any system a secure system or more honestly a relatively secure system.

  • Application is fully tested for different kind of cyber-attacks such as penetration testing,
  • All third-party software is fully patched and are up to date this include operating systems, firewalls, data base engines, web and application servers etc. in short servers are fully hardened.
  • Configuration files, encryption keys, internal network and application logins are secured, and passwords are changed periodically.
  • All the network traffic both inbound and outbound is scrutinized fully. Even to the level that cookies and headers in incoming requests are fully inspected and safe traffic is let to passed.
  • OWASP top 10 security program is fully followed for web applications and services.
  • The files on systems are regularly checked for viruses and any potential vulnerabilities – this includes the uploads and application files.
  • Host intrusion detection (HIDS) and network intrusion detection (NIDS) is in place and system is fully monitored and can stop attacks when they happen.
  • Brute force attacks are detected and redirected to sinkholes and specially designed traps.
  • All communications layers a fully secure and fully patched for example https, ssl , sftps etc and are protected from attacks like heart bleed.
  • Databases engines use encrypted data files for storing their databases.
  • Backups are fully secure and all the possible unauthorized uses and reaches are protected from different angles.
  • In and out traffic from system is fully monitored and outgoing connections are only allowed where absolutely necessary
  • All the system administrator has their accounts enabled only when necessary – no access to users who left the company etc.

Cyber Security Including HIDS, NIDS, OWASP, OSSTMM,ISO27001 Management and Server Hardening

Out team included certified ethical hackers and cyber security experts (  CISM, CEH, CIPM, CISSP ) experts. Services include securing the infrastructure, testing applications, ongoing security hardening and monitoring. Host-based ( HIDS ) and network-based (NIDS) intrusion detection system with tools like  SNORT  and  SQUID help in both implementation and ongoing guarding, prevention, detection, attack sinking and monitoring.
Implementing OWASP program and Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM). Penetration testing like ISSAF and PEST Analysis and HTTP/HTTPS , request filtering against cookies and parameters injections. VPN and SFTP setups and secure tunnelling and prevention from Heartbleed kind of issues.
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