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Redefine software delivery process with our DevOps engineers! Our dedicated DevOps engineers help your enterprise create a resilient software automation environment for continuous integration and deployment. Automate your development and deployment operations and save upto 60% of IT delivery and operational costs. Get help today and start a one-month free trial.

Benefits of DevOps

Companies that incorporate DevOps practices get more done, plain and simple. They deploy code up to 30 times more frequently than their competitors. And less than 50% of their deployments fail according to Puppet Labs 2013 State of DevOps survey. The biggest shift in attitude in a DevOps environment is that there is one team composed of cross-functional team members including developers, QA, DBAs, business analysts, operations engineers and so forth. Collaboration across these different roles delivers many benefits.


Zepto Systems can serve you by providing smart and highly skilled DevOps Engineer for effective use of services automation. We ensure that hiring a DevOps engineer from us can change your entire system from manual to automatic that will save your cost and time. Furthermore, we ensure you an error less development cycle where you can deploy changes in bulk up to 1000’s of machines at the same time. Our Dedicated Team of DevOps Engineer have hands-on skills on Chef, Puppet and other automation tools as per client needs. Our team of DevOps Engineers are working at the forefront of great performance and solve some of the utmost computational challenges of the world. They have a great knowledge of networking and also have an experience with the monitoring tools. Our employees are enthusiastic and keen to embrace a wide range of skills.
Technical benefits
  • Continuous software delivery
  • Less complex problems to fix
  • Faster resolution of problems
Business benefits
  • Faster delivery of features
  • More stable operating environments
  • More time available to add value (rather than fix/maintain)