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IT Operations and Infrastructure Support Outsourcing Service

If your online operations are business critical and their high availability is very important, or your business or business customers’ needs active response each time on time, look no further you have reached the right place.
We help our customers setup round the clock monitoring, support and maintenance services with multiple lines of support and solutions as they are needed. We have expertise in keeping your system up and running and performing complete maintenance and support, backup management, disaster recovery solutions, change management and active cybersecurity management.

Following is the list of services we provide linked to support and maintenance.

  • Round the clock infrastructure and application monitoring
  • First , second and third line of support.
  • Active Cyber security and cyber-attack management
  • Backups  solutions and management.
  • Infrastructure migrations including migrations to the cloud
  • Disaster recovery setup and management
  • Infrastructure upgrades and migrations
  • Database maintenance and support
  • Change and configuration management
  • Automation for speed and cost saving.


Our cloud-based remote employees and professionals are helping manage the infrastructure, datacentre and cloud operations to our customers.. Hosted on Amazon AWS, Azure, collocated and on-premise managed, un-managed and purpose-built clouds and cloud applications. We cover Windows, Unix (Solaris, HP Unix, AIX) and Linux (Redhat, Centos, Debian, Ubuntu, suSE ) operating systems. Including different database and application servers including MYSQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, ORACLE and MongoDB, CouchDB and their clusters. We provide complete support and operational management spanning over 8X5 or 24X7 coverage with assured SLA.


We provide the following DevOps services:

  • DevOps for setting up and scaling development
  • Version deployments 
  • Infrastructure
  • Data centre support
  • Operational management for private, public cloud and custom built high performing clouds
  • Infrastructure migrations for scaling and cost saving


We specialise in:

  • Scaling application layers and tiers
  • Implementing and setting up clusters and replications
  • Setting up web servers, gateways, reverse proxies, database servers, replications
  • Helping to create resilience in hardware and software layers
  • Assisting customers in performing the most complex of infrastructure tasks like migrations from and to the cloud and between cloud platforms


Our services include Database replications and scaling, load balancing and replications of application servers. Database scaling: replications and master-master and master-slave setups for the range of database engines including MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL. Slow & Culprit queries detection and optimizations. Load balancing: with Ngnix, HA-Proxy and Apache2 load-balancer including IP load-balancing. Cookie Sharing and load-balancing schemes. Replications: File replications, Application level replications, Operating systems replications and Hot backups at operating system level. 

Proxies , reverse proxies and web accelerators

We have implemented and maintained proxies, transparent proxies and reverse proxies for outbound and inbound network traffic both over secure and unsecured tunnels, enhancing the security and privacy of the web users and improving the performance of and optimizing the bandwidth usage for the business customers , network operators and for web applications. This was achieved mixing the network hardware solutions enhanced by squid, ha proxy and varnish.

Monitoring system implementation

Its important that  the problems with server infrastructures and application layers never go unnoticed and are detected before they happen. this is achieved by tailoring  infrastructure monitoring system and tailoring it so it understands the application software and hardware layers.  these system then need configuring so they can generate automated alerts when thresholds sets for problems are  crossed. also for operational easy these monitoring data needs gathering on consolidated dashboards that system support and maintenance engineers  can keep an eye on.


We have hands-on expertise in setting up disaster recovery for different levels and speeds of recovery requirements. This includes backups, recovery from backups, offsite backups, parallel sites, more modern cost-effective automatic rebuild and faster backup restore methods.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Daily Checks Sever infrastructure, SaaS as well as PaaS products, online platforms and cloud offerings needs consisting monitoring of system. Each of the business function, application component/building block, database servers, file and storage servers along with underline hardware’s needs deeper monitoring that gets achieved by setting up monitoring systems feeding into a central dashboard. Our engineers have been helping in setting up automated monitoring and monitoring dashboards and have also been helping to keep an eye on these dashboards to assurance. Smooth and continued operations cannot be assured unless problems are spotted and are dealt with before they happen.  We have expertise with Prometheus, Zabbix and Nagios and few other monitoring systems.