Expert Penetration Testing Services by Zepto Systems

Expert Penetration Testing Services by Zepto Systems With sophistication in the cyber attacks and methods, your business needs to be regularly checked for any underlying vulnerabilities. With Zepto System’s penetration testing services you can make sure all your data channels including network, cloud, web and mobile are fully protected against any threats. Our expert penetration testers help you uncover any threats to your system saving you from future risks.

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Zepto Systems uses a combination of automated and manual testing methods to provide perfect solutions to its clients globally. Our teams can professionally harden your system against potential threats by constantly challenging it. Running different tests, our security experts attempt to exploit any weaknesses in the system and then try to increase their footholds.


We protect your business against vulnerabilities. Our penetration testing experts can easily identify any bottlenecks in the systems along with potential weaknesses. We work on exploiting the issues faced by the systems and identify where it needs improvements. We can proudly say that Zepto Systems is among a few IT outsourcing companies providing extended penetration testing services to clients with complex systems globally.
Our penetration testing services include:
  • Network Penetration Testing Services
  • Web app Penetration Testing Services
  • Mobile app Penetration Testing Services
  • IoT testing
  • Wireless Network Penetration Testing Services
  • Social Engineering Penetration Testing Services

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We help to mitigate any security risks to your data to smoothly run the business processes. With over a decade of experience in proving security testing to clients we can proudly rank ourselves among the best penetration testing firms in the industry. We offer a wide range of services from external network to web apps and our specialists get it done to fit your needs.