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Our expert AngularJS developers and delivery managers are veterans in the technology and can provide expert-level services boosting your company’s performance. We help you create the best web applications that perfectly fit your needs.
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AngularJS and Angular Developers

JavaScript specially Angular is one of the core expertise of Zepto and we have equipped ourselves with top talent of offshore market. Our customized Angular and html5 web applications are tailored to your needs with intuitive architecture, clear structure and easily to find links. Along with Angular We have worked with large number of MVC frameworks like including Express, Hapi, Koa, Total and Sails.


Zepto Systems has achieved milestones by delivering quality products timely with 100% client satisfaction rate. Our expert developers have always exceeded expectation by fully analyzing and implementing clients requirements and turning vision into reality. Our front-end Angular Js developers have experience in dealing with complex problems generating aesthetic and user-friendly outcomes. We enable our clients to access strong development tools and advanced technologies so that they can get the competitive edge in the market. Our services mainly comprise off:
  • AngularJS Consulting
  • AngularJS Web Application Development
  • App interface design
  • E-commerce app development
  • Interactive and social application development
  • Migrations and upgrades
  • App customization
  • Plug-ins Development


Over the period, Zepto Systems has made a name in the IT industry with increasing clientele each year. Some of the perks of hiring with us include:
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  • Full Agile-driven environment
  • Senior AngularJS resources
  •  Excellent support services
  • State of the art technologies
  • Huge cost reductions
  • Free consultancy and a month free services
  • Resource replacement option (if the performance can’t match to standards)
  • We see consultation as an investment more than a cost.

AngularJs Developers at Zepto Systems

AngularJs framework has gained popularity being able to create complex and dynamic web apps with a lot of customization options, simple development architecture, ability to supports parallel development and its flexible engagement models. Realising the potential of the Google powered framework, Zepto Systems was among the early companies to adopt and constitute well-trained AngularJs developers teams. Our exceptional app development services have helped organisations enhance efficiency and boost business operations.