Cashless Vending Machines

Complete Eco-System Build for a startup for automating Vending Machines operations

The problem

The startup was operating on a relatively new idea of automating vending machines and faced lack of experienced technical resources for development, security and hardware interfacing.

Our Solutions

We have helped build the complete technology platform for a startup.

 The ecosystem included building the micro-payment system, vendor management, online stock management and reporting for the vending machine. 

Our efficient team simultaneously developed an easy-to-use Android application for the client. Zepto’s software engineers brilliantly did hardware interfacing with the vending panels of the machine along with securing the payments, communications, and micro-payment system. 


The contract came with a lot of challenges:

  • The project discovery phase was short enough to understand it scope and magnitude as the client wanted to start right away.
  • Vetting experienced resources in the key area of work was an obstacle.


Sales Augmentation

The startup hit the boost in the market as the services offered by them were top-notch and highly competitive.

Time Saving

Automating the procedures of vending machines helped the company get the competitive edge over other dealers.

Cost Savings

Our DevOps engineers help build automated development, production deployments, automated change management and disaster recovery solutions to save time and employee costs.