workforce city

2+ years of partnership in web and mobile application development for the company aiming to be the future of workforce.

The problem

The company needed to develop a one-of-a-kind application that bridges the blue-collar workforce gap, helps them get jobs quick, and make those jobs transparent and feedback oriented. 

The apps needed complex backend programming, various API integrations, and an advanced high functioning admin panel. The client wanted the MVP version of the product as soon as possible and specialized resources were demanded to be readily available. 

Our Solutions

Zepto Systems created a real-time, easy-to-use, interactive web dashboard and mobile application focused for different job roles and operational frontiers.

The project required specialized React Native resources and the client needed the MVP version of the product up and ready with immediate start. 


Shaping the right team and developing an understanding of the project in a short time span was a bit tricky. Also, the already running applications were complex and streamlining all the requirements to provide small efficient and user-friendly portals required a lot of strategic efforts.


MVP Product

With our specialized delivery, Zepto

Performance tracking

Processes became transparent and easily trackable


With processes being automated, a lot of time was saved on putting manual requests and reviews.

Ease of Use

All the internal and customer-facing apps were created keeping in view the user personas and thus were easy to use without any proper trainings.