Top Property Businesses Group

Complex solutions to fit the business needs including their customer-facing and inhouse applications.

The problem

The company was running ambitious deadlines with a skill shortage to streamline the in-house and customer-facing applications. With a huge number of staff worldwide a proper communication channel was needed in between and among different teams for smooth running of operations.

Our Solutions

Zepto System’s Microsoft certified developers and solution architects helped the company get seamlessly functioning be-spoke portals for their in-house and customer-facing applications. A few apps/portals that the team developed and implemented for its International business units include:

  • A big data portal to show various metrics in a geographical view. 
  • A tracker portal to streamline internal IT projects.
  • A central data portal that is a mix of portals and cross integrations apps serving separate business functionalities into a central database with its own front end portal.
  • A central communication portal for group wide internal communication.


The project was a bit tricky as the already running applications were complex and streamlining all the requirements to provide small efficient and user-friendly portals required a lot of strategic efforts.


Ease of communication

With our central communication system processes became easier

Performance tracking

Processes became transparent and easily trackable


With processes being automated, a lot of time was saved on putting manual requests and reviews.

Ease of Use

All the internal and customer-facing apps were created keeping in view the user personas and thus were easy to use without any proper trainings.