Samsung Releases its Blockchain SDK for Smartphone dApps

July 19, 2019 admin 0 Comments

Samsung has quietly released Blockchain SDK for smartphone dApps this year. The SDK will bring both the consumers and developers to the blockchain world and will provide a complete set of functions, which Blockchain and Decentralized applications need.

A decentralized application (dApp) does not require a middle person/admin and is not run by a single individual. For instance, if YouTube was a decentralized application – there would be no censorship and once a video was published on the platform, it could not be deleted by anyone (not even the publisher/developer of the application).

Currently, there are around 2700 dApps working with a userbase of 30.54k active users. The number is not insignificant, given the fact that majority of the mobile users have never even heard the concept of dApp.

According to the tech giant, “The SDK helps developers to manage blockchain accounts easily and to make a transaction easier by abstracted transfer APIs for each type of coins”.

Everyone who owns a smartphone also has mobile applications stored in it. With Samsung lending support to dApps, it will result in public awareness about decentralized applications as well as more smartphone manufacturers will support them.

This is a great news for everyone around the world, for both the consumers and developers.