3 emerging cybersecurity threats in 2019

June 26, 2019 admin 0 Comments

Cyberthreat has been continuously on a rise as hackers have become more sophisticated and experienced with time. In 2018, unfortunately a number of cybersecurity disasters took place – from massive data breaches to security flaws in microchips of devices and software that lock down device until the said amount is paid. Hackers and digital pranksters have found safe heaven in hacking into websites/devices for their personal benefits. In return, this creates an absolutely undesired situation for both individuals and businesses.  While businesses can lose their loyal client base, have their information leaked to the public, individuals’ personal information such as credit card details, home address etc. are made public or used for illicit activities. All thanks to cybersecurity consultants, individuals can still be safe on internet .

It is not uncommon for hackers to attack high-profile businesses and websites. This is one of the reasons that business owners and leaders need to take cybersecurity seriously so that necessary steps can be taken to avoid it. Here are the three emerging cyberthreats of 2019 that you as a digital business owner should be aware of:

IoT threats

As Internet of Things (IoT) has taken the world by a storm, it has also opened unlimited doors for data breaches and hacking. Majority of the people are always online or plugged in. More and more companies are adding devices to their infrastructure to give a seamless experience to their customers/users. As these devices are always logged in, they are highly susceptible to cyberattacks. If a hacker gets their hands on one of the devices, they can easily access all of the other connected devices too.

Cloud Computing

While cloud computing gives businesses edge over traditional IT solutions, it comes with the cybersecurity risk. Cloud servers are more prone to being attacked. Once a company’s cloud server is hacked, they can get access to all the computers and devices that are attacked to the server. This means that the company and all its users become vulnerable to being attacked and having their personal information be leaked. A cybersecurity consultant will provide you with necessary tools to avoid any such situation. 

Serverless Apps

As smartphones have become one of the major devices that are used by individuals all over the globe, they also have an increased risk of being attacked by malware. Although serverless apps are one step ahead in the digital transformation, they also mean me cyber-attacks. When a customer’s information is stored locally in their device instead of on a secure server, it can be hacked more easily. They are being targeted by hackers to steal private information and data of users.


There is no doubt about the fact that risk factor of cyberattacks is increasing but if you do take the necessary steps and precaution for your business website/application/software, you can get past majority of the cyber risks and give your users a safe zone.

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