Everything you need to know about new Apps Script IDE

January 12, 2021 admin 0 Comments

More than 10 years ago, Apps Script was first introduced to the world as a development platform, specifically to automate the Google Workspace. Since then, millions of individuals belonging from diversified groups such as developers and business users have shifted to Apps Script. The reason being its integration with the Google Workspace.

To work in synchronous with Google Workspace, consistent changes have been to Apps Script over the years so that it is easy to use for developers and provide the seamless experience to them that Google Workspace offers. Some of the major updates that came for Apps Script in 2020 included V8 version and Apps Script Dashboard.

The V8 version enables the developers to use modern features of JavaScript in their Apps Script projects whereas the Apps Script Dashboard, also dubbed as ‘homepage’ provides access to all of the projects and setting options of Apps Script by visiting script.google.com. 

Google Workspace, previously called G Suite, is a collection of collaboration tools, cloud computing, software and products developed by Google.”  

When it comes to the writing and debugging of code, not much
changes were made into the Apps Script but this new update has changed it forever. Let’s take a look now:

The new Apps Script IDE has the same seamless integration with Google Workspace that it had previously. Developers can build solutions right-away without configuring or installing it. 

Similarly, if you are working on a project that is container based in Docs, Slides or Sheets – now developers can simply do so by selecting Tools > Script editor from the top menus.

The improved IDE experience enables developers to have access to a new project-specific menu, helping them focus on the active project. It becomes easier for developers this way to move between code editor and project settings. This is especially great for boosting productivity among developers.

Modern Design

The look and feel of the App Script has been modernized, improving the overall developer experience. The new code editor has a laser-sharp focus on the essential tasks such as:

1.       Streamlined set of commands

2.       Simplified menu system

3.       All ‘project-related’ functions reorganized outside code editor