Google Pay expands PayPal integration for online businesses

July 11, 2019 admin 0 Comments

As the digital world and real world are no longer distinguishable, tech giants have been working towards making it more seamless and easier for users. Instead of going to malls, people now tend to prefer shopping online and buy anything from anywhere at any time of the day. All thanks to digital payment methods, eCommerce is possible and is thriving on an impressive rate.

Google and PayPal have been working together since 2017. In this year, both the tech giants decided that PayPal will be payment method of Android Pay. The method was later renamed as Google Pay. In 2018, a new update was made to Google Pay as users were given the option to pay for Google products/services by simply choosing PayPal as the payment method on Google Pay.  

Just now, in July of 2019 –  Google announced on its Developers blog that Google Pay is expanding its collaboration with PayPal so that online payments can be made easier and simpler for customers. As a result – customers can now accept PayPal with Google Pay on their application or website in all the countries (24) where customers are able to link their PayPal account to Google Pay.

Jose Ugia, Google Developers Engineer said in the blog post, “We’re excited to offer developers the best of both worlds with Google Pay and PayPal, all while making payments simpler for customers and businesses around the world”.

Here are the top 4 ways this integration will be beneficial for businesses all around the globe:

Seamless payments  

All thanks to 2018 integration, millions of users have PayPal saved as their payment method on their Google Account already. Since 2018, PayPal account holders who purchase a Google product/service can automatically choose PayPal account while paying with Google Pay. They don’t have to go through any extra hassle. When an eCommerce website/application enables PayPal as one of their payment methods on the Google Pay integration – all of their customers can check onto their website/app seamlessly too.

Payment received within minutes

Another good news for businesses is that payments will be received in less time than before. Any payment received through the Google/PayPal integration will directly appear in the PayPal account of the merchant in just a matter of minutes. There will be no minimum processing requirements.

Improved user experience

User experience is a make or break in this competitive digital world. When customers don’t have to sign in to their PayPal account while using it with Google Pay – they will have less steps to reach the checkout page. According to multiple studies, less steps to checkout leads to higher conversion rate. Simplicity, ease of use, less steps and no signup!

More payment options

Customers can keep multiple payment options in one place with Google Pay. As Google Pay extends its integration with PayPal, PayPal customers will be able to easily switch between various payment options such as: credit cards, debits cards, PayPal account etc.

Easy implementation

If a business website/app has already implemented Google Pay then enabling PayPal is pretty straightforward, according to the Google Developers blog post. “You’ll receive a token you can send to your servers as soon as your customers confirm their transaction”, the blog post reads.

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