Zepto Systems Celebrates Women’s Day 2018

She is positive, responsible, powerful, impactful and a good manager! Zepto Systems takes this women’s day as an opportunity to thank its diverse and worthy female employees who have always showcased positivity and responsibility towards work. Here at Zepto Systems, we celebrate the diversity and encourage our female staff to be a creator, an initiative […]

Why is mobile first approach important?

Smartphones are taking over computers. This is discernible in the increased rate of mobile application development as compared to web application development. This shift between technological gadgets led to the idea behind putting mobile first. The approach was introduced in 2009 with the notion of progressive enhancement. It suggests that any design must start from its mobile version and then progress to the desktop […]

quality assurance

Quality Assurance a Necessity, rather than a Luxury

“Cost-saving is effective, but at times it can bring you huge losses.” It’s a moment of appreciation when you finally have your website rolling on the internet. It’s a proud moment for you and you’ll be flying in the air. But, how would you feel if things do not go as planned? Definitely, you’ll be […]

5 SEO Tips To Target Your Amazon Audience

Much have been said about SEO. And yet it isn’t enough. When one is on the web, they continually need to look for ways and tips to stand on top of the search results. Many will be talking of SEO tips to put your website or mobile app to the eyes of the search engines. […]

4 questions which can help you Outsource a Drupal Development Company

You can’t do everything yourself. Even if you have plenty of time to develop a Drupal website, you can’t take any chances. So what to do then? Not a secret anymore, you need to outsource a Drupal developer. “Alright! But wait where to find the right match for me?” The best and easy way to […]

IT outsourcing services

How to make IT outsourcing a success   

  Since the early 2000’s the world has seen a transformation in the field of IT and business processes. New ideas have been introduced, innovative practices have evolved and a more globalized corporate world has appeared on the map. One of the most convenient trends followed in the industry is IT outsourcing. Not new to anyone, the phenomenon saves a […]