Outsourcing Smartly-Freelancers VS. Established Companies

Outsourcing trends are the most common since the early decade, however, many choices relating to these trends can be dreadful. Companies must always measure the effectiveness of any service in the context of its own development goals rather than just jumping on the bandwagon.

As much alluring, the concept of saving costs may seem, it can cause serious losses to your business. For instance, your remote resource decides to leave you midway, or worse, makes your project unfathomable.

Outsourcing to Freelancers

We recently witnessed such a case where a customer faced big losses by freelancing. A client of ours had been developing with a freelancer for 2 years and it seemed good until the client figured out his project was an amalgamation of many frameworks and technologies. The change was solely driven by the skills of the freelancer and the end product got a mixture of three different PHP (Symphony, Laravel, and CodeIgniter ) frameworks, two database engines (MySQL and MongoDB) and the introduction of Node.JS for the API. Also, React Js and Angular were introduced in the same code base. This big turnaround of developers not only wasted a lot of time, but also tripled costs. This cocktail of technologies left CEO of the start-up confused on what direction to take.

Freelancing a large-scale project can cause serious complications especially when the project road-map needs to be analysed. The freelancers might be tech experts but they specialise in just one area, therefore, management and long-term implications of technology remain ignored. Defying the systematic way of handling project and no well-timed records can be the biggest downside to freelancing which keeps on adding complexities.

Outsourcing to Companies

The same start-up when approached Zepto Systems, it was provided with a consultation session discussing the scope of the project with its timelines and any things that might add up. The client was given the experts in all the fields who figured out how to simplify processes and harmonise technology. Outsourcing is more than just saving money and getting talented remote workers to get the job done; it is setting up a systematised way of delivery no different than the in-house procedures. An established company always makes sure the tasks are prioritised and its product won’t be abandoned in the middle.

The case study above is just a little sneak peek into what companies have to go through when they don’t choose the right outsourcing structure. Outsourcing, no doubt, is the most effective way to save costs and get talent much quicker, but it can lead to losses if not planned properly.

In most of the cases, a freelancer, no matter how skilled he is, can’t exhibit all the skills needed to run the project, manage it, keep the checks intact and deliver successfully.  Choosing a reliable outsourcing partner helps you get your work done at cheaper rates and along with agility and speedy deliveries. Furthermore, companies help you get focused skills with all the legalities taken care of, and flexibility to scale your team.

Try our right sourcing solution or fully managed IT project delivery.


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What are the benefits of IT outsourcing?

There are many obvious advantages that come from IT outsourcing, such as saving time, increasing productivity and growing your business. That said, it’s not possible to reap the rewards unless you’re using the right people at the right time. Hiring IT staff can be very expensive and temporary employees may not always live up to your expectations, however, with the right approach to outsourcing, you can begin to maximize your potential without spending a fortune. Here are just a few of the reasons why ‘right sourcing’ makes perfect sense:

Control Costs

You’re able to pay what you want, when you need it. For example, with our specialist right sourcing services, you’re able to pay for the hours worked on a monthly basis. In business, no two months will ever be the same, and you’re able to place your human resources where you need them most. Having this level of flexibility and control can ensure your money is always being spent in the right places, and we’ve helped clients in the past reduce their overheads by 60 percent.

Find the right resources

When you’re outsourcing IT work, your team can expand as your company grows, but if you’re not happy with a particular resource, you can always change it up and choose another to complete the tasks at hand. Our right sourcing service is built around giving our clients access to their teams whilst they can even cherry pick through CVs and conduct interviews to ensure they have the right individuals to take their business forward.

No contracts to tie you down

With some outsourcing companies you need to check there are not any contractual bindings or fine prints, but this is never the case with Zepto Systems’ right sourcing services. We want to give you complete control and flexibility at all times so you can build a team that’s tailored to your needs. Whether you require full stack developers, mobile application developers, quality assurance experts, system administrators, DevOps engineers, support engineers, technical managers or cybersecurity experts, we can ensure you find the right team members and overcome financial and technical challenges.

Improve sales

IT outsourcing can help you increase productivity, improve customer loyalty and boost sales, especially when you’re able to utilise highly skilled IT professionals with the right experience, attitude and understanding for the work ahead. We are here to help you outsource the right way by employing highly skilled IT professionals for your specified skill needs. We even provide them office space and facilities so that you can manage them one on one.

Focus on core activities

With some IT outsourcing firms, you’re only provided shared resources and restricted access to the team, but with Zepto Systems you’re guaranteed dedicated Junior, Mid or Senior Developers, so you’re able to start achieving your goals and objectives from the very start, allowing your key resources to focus on primary tasks.

On our website we talk a great deal about the many advantages that come from outsourcing, and ‘right sourcing’ in particular, but if you’d like to learn more about us and how we can help you, please send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can, or call us on 020 7151 2515.


Zepto Systems Celebrates Women’s Day 2018

She is positive, responsible, powerful, impactful and a good manager!

Zepto Systems takes this women’s day as an opportunity to thank its diverse and worthy female employees who have always showcased positivity and responsibility towards work. Here at Zepto Systems, we celebrate the diversity and encourage our female staff to be a creator, an initiative taker, and a leader.

From London to Islamabad, our offices have more than 30% of women who are unique yet valuable in their own ways. We take great pride in our smart developers, creative marketing team members, and willful business executive who have not only let us grow, but shown us the way forward.

Zepto has always appreciated the participation of women in IT processes as they have proven to be more responsible and committed to work. We encourage our girl squad to be themselves fully and grow in a positive environment without any glass doors. Throughout the years, we have employed strong managers, innovative developers and expressive business developers who helped us be where we are today.

So this women’s day we want to show our deep gratitude towards our brilliant multitaskers. You deserve it!



Why is mobile first approach important?

Smartphones are taking over computers. This is discernible in the increased rate of mobile application development as compared to web application development. This shift between technological gadgets led to the idea behind putting mobile first. The approach was introduced in 2009 with the notion of progressive enhancement. It suggests that any design must start from its mobile version and then progress to the desktop edition. The process was said to save the complexities faced by web designers while following the traditional top-down approach that takes the desktop version as the anchor point and then degrades to mobile design.   

Other than just being a simple way to progress into a convoluted version, the mobile first approach is evolving as an alternative way due to many reasons.  

  • Statista forecasted 4.7 billion mobile users by 2017 and the number is increasing exponentially each day. 
  • Another survey by Statista suggests that the worldwide mobile app downloads by the year 2017 are 197 billion.  
  • The worldwide mobile phone sales have exceeded desktop computers.  
  • report by smart insights suggests that 80% of internet users have a smartphone.  

Young adults mostly prefer to open websites via phones and here is the niche for the mobile first approach.   More to that, more and more mobile application development jobs are being posted across the world that makes the trend obvious. 

Starting small  

The basic flaw in the traditional approach is that we actually design the complex part first and then try to simplify it for the smaller screens. In this process, the design gets crowded and the important content gets less visible on the phone display. Starting small provides the designer opportunity to work progressively initiating with the simple version (MVP) and adding up the content and features for large screens. The approach makes more sense as the important features don’t get suffocated in the smaller versions.  

 Controlled content   

Space utilization is the biggest challenge when it comes to web design. Mobile first helps the designer to focus on the most important information which might be lost in the crowd while degrading to small screens as the desktop allows too much space. The removal of congested content is more appealing and causes more conversions by highlighting the selling point.       

 Light and adaptive  

Working on mobile first helps create a lighter and high user-end version of the website. Doing so helps the website to run fast, load easily, and create conversions. Loading time is the most important aspect when it comes to websites with regards to search engine ranking. It also affects the user preference as too much loading time makes the users to abandon the site. In the year 2017, BBC revealed that they lose an average of 10% users for every extra second it takes on loading their site.    

The world of technology is continuously in transition making it vital for the IT experts to adopt new trends. The need for mobile first can’t be denied keeping in view the increasing number of mobile application development professionals, users, and the equally decreasing trends in desktop web-surfing.   

Quality Assurance a Necessity, rather than a Luxury

“Cost-saving is effective, but at times it can bring you huge losses.”

It’s a moment of appreciation when you finally have your website rolling on the internet. It’s a proud moment for you and you’ll be flying in the air. But, how would you feel if things do not go as planned? Definitely, you’ll be frustrated, and maybe you’ll be shouting at the website developers.

Is it really the fault of those in the web development team? I doubt it. Web developers are merely human, and it’s natural that humans will be making errors even when they have been known as the experts. There will be some errors with your newly developed website, but when you ask the developers to have a look at their own work, chances are they won’t be able to grab the errors.

Then who’ll be catching the errors?

The answer is the “Quality Assurance Tester”. Where many find them as a luxury, without a QA or a team of QA you cannot ensure an error-free website. Imagine you have launched your long-awaited website and you’re proudly promoting it. And you see a rising traffic to your website. But looking deeper you find that not many stay on your website for more than a minute, or maybe you’re not generating the leads? Hmm, it is really a moment to worry, but not to panic.

When you withstand in situations where something fishy is going on with your website, you must start thinking to hire a QA or a team. They are trained to look at the bugs. They won’t be removing them but will inform the developers to deal with them.

“Finding bugs, is that all they do!”

“Yes, it’s their core job.”

“So, they’re a luxury.

“Of course not. Without a QA, you could be putting your efforts all in vain. Even in manufacturing, the business runs a quality assurance department. They aren’t to make a fortune by sitting all day long. They keep on checking the quality of the products and look for ways where improvements can be brought in. Just like them, the QA in a web development company, or to be more precise, in an IT company they’ll be running their eyes from code-to-code in search of the errors or flaws.”

Still Wants to Know More about the Functionality of the Quality Assurance Tester?

Maybe it’s now clearer that QAs are not an amenity but a necessity.

And if still you’ve doubts I can present you with few more reasons to clear the air:

  1. The QA will help the development process more accurate by looking deeper to find the possible threats and bugs.
  2. The content of the site is put towards more reliability but double checking the credibility of the developer’s work.
  3. Avoid the business from facing losses before it went on the internet.
  4. With the efforts of a QA, the website can catch a much wider market.
  5. In collaboration with the third-party auditors, the QAs will be making the website more user-friendly and allowing the website serve the real purpose.

Some Tools for the Quality Assurance Tester

404 Broken Link Checker

There are several 404 broken link checkers. The QA uses them to discover the broken links. 404 broken links damage your site’s repute. Every link must lead the user to the right direction to make the website more credible. Some of the 404 broken link checking tools are:

Reducing the Page Loading Time

No one likes to wait for several minutes to load a page. And now as the time is passing, the average time a page should be fully loaded is 2 seconds. You might be losing the traffic due to a slow page loading. To test the speed, the QAs can use EWWW Image Optimizer (a WordPress plugin).

Other tools the QAs can use include are:

Responsive Designs

No more you can follow the old designs. The world is switching towards mobile, and hence, your website design must also be amended. If your website hasn’t been moved to responsive design, you must dedicate your website development team to make it responsive.

To check whether the design is responsive or not, the QAs can use the following tools:

Don’t Compromise your Website to Save a few Bucks

You might argue that you’re new and can’t spend huge bucks on your website. And can’t afford to hire the services of a full-time quality assurance tester. It’s okay if you don’t want to hire a full-time QA, you can outsource a QA or a team. It may cost you less, but will for sure deliver what you may or may not be expecting. Not only a QA can be outsourced, but you can also outsource a dedicated team of web developers and web/graphic designers as well. When you outsource the IT services, your cost is reduced comparatively and the outcomes will be much higher than hiring a full-time staff.

If you have some business plans that you would like to take it on the web, we can guide you with some assistance and help you grow your business.

5 SEO Tips To Target Your Amazon Audience

Much have been said about SEO. And yet it isn’t enough. When one is on the web, they continually need to look for ways and tips to stand on top of the search results. Many will be talking of SEO tips to put your website or mobile app to the eyes of the search engines. But many will be ignoring other areas. So for the forgotten ones I’ve written this content. This content is focusing on SEO tips to target Amazon audience.

Targeting Amazon Sellers

Not everything will work the same. Your strategies for Amazon sellers are going to be different than those from the websites. When you’re targeting the Amazon sellers, you will have to be more comprehensive. Do you know that different search engines work differently? So when you are targeting Amazon sellers, be precise about it.

What The Amazon-ers Will Be Searching For!

Adding with the most common keywords is not going to be hard on you. But you have to make sure that you follow a different path. Come up with keywords or key phrases which your competitors are missing. This needs some research but isn’t going to be too hard on you.

Adding Compelling Descriptions

Marketing is not going to be easy, as we are bored of all such old lines “we are the best”, “we have the best” and all such kind of promotional lines. Try something new. Don’t tell your audience how good your product is, rather describe them all the pluses. You can also add a section where the Amazon audience can add up their own comments and let others know how that product worked for them.

One more thing to keep in mind when writing for Amazon Products is to put yourself in customers’ shoes and then write.

Valuing Longtail Keywords

Keyword research isn’t tough, like I said earlier. But finding what the audience be typing in when looking for desired product on Amazon. Long keywords will contribute about three- quarters of the total searches. So come up with longtail keywords, Amazon audience will be searching for.

Remember And Ignore Your Competitors

Sounds confusing, I know. When you’re in business you can’t forget what your competitors be doing. Keep a close look at them and see how they are converting hits to sales. But do remember that you just can’t copy your competitors all the way to your business. Do come up with new way to attract eyes and the web crawlers. Build your own strategies.

You can’t be the same as your competitors on Amazon. If you’re following your competitor you could be helping them. So make your own standards and be unique to help the audience find you.

If you are stuck don’t forget to ask the experts. When you’re on the web, it is quite easy to reach the experts to help you with all the SEO tips and suggestions to make your products popular on Amazon.

4 questions which can help you Outsource a Drupal Development Company

You can’t do everything yourself. Even if you have plenty of time to develop a Drupal website, you can’t take any chances. So what to do then? Not a secret anymore, you need to outsource a Drupal developer. “Alright! But wait where to find the right match for me?” The best and easy way to search the one who can settle with you is Google. After all, Google is the best web friend!

‘Drupal Developers’, you typed in Google and you get a long list. “Oh! This is going to be hard. Now which one to choose?”

Yes, indeed it is hard to outsource the best Drupal development company. But it won’t be hard enough if you just ask these 4 questions when outsourcing a Drupal development services company.

Time to Outsource

Question 1: How long you have been developing websites in Drupal?

Asking about ‘how much they cost?’ should never be the question you start your hunt.

When outsourcing a Drupal Development company, start with experience. This is where you can start building trust. Ask for how long they have been in Drupal business. You don’t want to outsource a Drupal development company, who just have stepped in neither the one with so little experience. You don’t want to take a risk by outsourcing a starter or a beginner. And if you don’t want to take the risk, you need to ask more to satisfy the curious ‘you’.

Question 2: For which industries you have developed Drupal sites?

The one familiar with your industry sounds good. But this doesn’t ensure best Drupal development services. This only lets you some peace of mind that you’ll not be wasting your time and money.

One the company under review is experienced with your industry, you can rest assured that you’ll not have to worry much. They’ll be familiar with your industry, your requirement and the best for your business.

But this doesn’t end here. You need few more answers.

Question 3: Have you ever worked on third-party integrations?

The more you get, the better it is for you to choose. If they Drupal development team company under investigation has a YES to this and can provide you with sources, you might feel more comforting and think of outsourcing them.

But wait, how about one more question!

Question 4: What is the mode you use to communicate?

“Why should I ask this? There are plenty of modes of communication!” I’m not asking you to ask the mode they use to communicate with clients. But who’ll be in charge of communication with you (if you outsource Drupal development to them)?

When in Drupal development, don’t take this easy. You’ll be communicating with them now and then (maybe daily). So, there must be one key person, who’s readily available for your assistance. “Do you have a project manager or a consultant who’ll be talking to us?” They must have, or your Drupal website might caught-up in junctions.

The mode of communication is also an important part. So what if they use Skype. Many do the Drupal development companies use this. But if you’ve any suggestions, do ask them to follow.

Want to ask more? Why not!

Certainly, these 4 questions to outsource a Drupal development services company won’t be enough. You need to ask more to trust them. But let me tell you one thing. All ‘YES’ doesn’t ensure the services company is the best option for you. Sometimes even the last-benchers can prove to be the best. So do ask questions to outsource a Drupal development company, see their portfolio and if possible, do talk to their past clients, do trust your outsourced services company and be in touch with them always.

How to make IT outsourcing a success   


Since the early 2000’s the world has seen a transformation in the field of IT and business processes. New ideas have been introduced, innovative practices have evolved and a more globalized corporate world has appeared on the map. One of the most convenient trends followed in the industry is IT outsourcing. Not new to anyone, the phenomenon saves a lot of costs as compared to in-house hiring, has a really fast execution and thus, has become more than a trillion-dollar industry.  

The most popular work-place apps like Skype and Slack are a product of outsourcing which can help facilitate the process. Not only the start-up companies are going for the trend, but many Fortune 500 companies have outsourced their IT departments. The biggest motivation of that might be cost-cutting, but it is also the notion of ‘smart-work’ that compels companies to expand offshore.    

However, there might be some downsides to going offshore, if proper strategic planning and vision are missing. Here are some handy tips that can help you outsource successfully:   

Planning outcomes   

Any company planning to outsource, must not jump right into it without market research and proper planning. The decision must involve setting up the objectives and outcomes of the project considering how much benefiting (other than monetary) it can be.   

The company planning to outsource must have all requirements in a written format, approved by the CTO. This helps the service providing company learn all about the expectations of the client leading to smooth business deliveries. For instance, you can start with a small team and scale according to requirements later.   

Selecting your IT outsourcing services  

The real job is finding reliable and trustworthy outsource consultants  with a track record of successful deliveries. New startups often are interested in getting foreign projects and in the competition to do so, might price much less. However, the quality is compromised in the process due to the lack of experience in the field. You should select an outsourcing company with a reasonable market experience, good clientele, and a registered company. Having the surety that your data in is right hands and your partner company has everything taken care of, you can easily communicate your demands and lay down the goals for your remote team.  

 Flexible contracts  

An important thing to consider is the flexibility of the contract you sign with your outsourcing partner.  A good agreement is the one with no hard terms as the circumstances are always changing. Teams get scaled and new requirements might add-up later and strict contracts may hinder your development. Companies must consider this aspect as it is the most important in concern to the project development. Some important questions to consider here could be:  

  • Are you getting the long-term support for the project?   
  • Can you scale the team as per requirements?  
  • Are there any hidden charges which may come-up later?   
  • Do you get the option to select or reject a resource on performance basis?  

The ease of these terms would make up a good contract which will lead to a beneficial partnership where you have the maximum control over the team and decisions to retain, replace and scale your virtual staff.   

Win-win partnerships  

While making an agreement with an outsourcing company, you must look for the mutual benefits and shared interests as this may guarantee maximum productivity. Companies looking to cut costs often don’t realise they might lose some efficient resources by a little margin that later affects the development. It is important for you to treat your virtual staff as a part of your company which will create ownership and self-accountability in the team. The terms of business must be flexible on both sides so that both parties may share the same level of passion. You should also encourage the outperforming remote resources by rewards and motivation as it counts a lot more than it sounds.   

Breaking barriers   

Here comes the real challenge of outsourcing! The communication barriers. Barriers in form of language or culture exist everywhere, but they can be curbed if you choose the right outsourcing partner. Companies who are already working with international clients can serve you much better. The reason is simple; their resources already have the experience of working with different nationals and good English language skills. Good communication is the key to eradicate any differences and opens the door for new options.   

 Zepto Systems offers its clients complete Right Sourcing solutions with ease of contracts and no hidden charges. With a pool of and the top IT talent, we can cater your IT needs like no other. Our business team in the UK takes care of all nitty-gritties, while the roadmap of your project is laid down by joint consensus of top management. With 2 decades of experience in the IT market, we know how to make your outsourcing project a great success.