3 Important Findings of Google’s Two-Year Study on Remote Work

July 31, 2019 admin 0 Comments

Just recently, Google has published its findings from a two-year study about the remote work module. Google being one of the biggest tech giants  in the world and with hundreds of employees working remotely had access to sufficient data to compile their findings. 30% of the meetings that take place at Google occur at least in two time zones, which again elaborates on how strongly the company has incorporated remote framework.

The report named, ‘Working together when we are not working together’ had interesting insights about the remote employees and employers.

One of the conclusions that the study reached was that productivity is not impacted by distributed/remote work. Here are the three important findings of the two-year study by Google:

Making remote members feel connected

‘Working together when we are not working together’ found out that it is important to make the remote workers feel they are connected to one another. While in a typical office setting, employees get to meet each other and hang out on a daily basis – remote workers do not have this opportunity. To make remote workers feel a connection amongst themselves, it is crucial that they are encouraged to chat with one another. Team leads or managers can arrange informal Skype meetings where everyone member speaks up. This will create a sense of togetherness among team members.

Acknowledgment of work

When having remote meeting either on Skype or other platforms, it is important that remote team members are acknowledged for the work and effort they are putting in. As remote team members don’t meet the manager in person or talk with them daily, acknowledging their good work will boost their morale and encourage them to work even harder. When remote members are praised in front of the in-house team members, it makes them feel valued and part of the company.

Encourage to maintain a work/life balance

When you need to have a group or team meeting with all members, it is natural that some employees (from different time zones) might be sacrificing their personal time with family to attend it. Or in other cases, a remote employee might have to be available after his/her office hours just to attend the meeting, which can give them extra stress or even burn out.

Therefore, it is important that a time is chosen that works for everyone. Instead of choosing time that works the best for in-house team, it is important to take everyone into consideration before scheduling a call.

Google’s study also proves that companies who allow and encourage their employees to work remotely actually have a more chance of being successful and having loyal employees. When employees are understood, they tend to have a better time at job, which increase retention rate of an organization. If a distributed work environment is handle effectively, it can allow employees to enjoy flexible hours while putting their right foot forward.

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