7 Stats about Remote Work in 2019/ 2020

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We don’t need to state it again that remote work has become excessively popular among professionals and that it is here to stay. While majority of the organizations have adapted to the culture of remote work, there are still a few companies that think remote work is not a good idea.

If you are a CEO or manager who thinks the same, head over to this article and learn about the myths related to remote work and how all of them have been busted.

As the year is reaching its end, we decided to make a list of some of the top stats about remote work, derived from various studies and researches conducted all over the globe. Let’s take a look:

“50% of UK workforce to work remotely by 2020.”
– Office of National Statistics (ONS)


Infect the real figures of this year work from home and remote work are drastically high

Saves money of employees

According to the figures from TECLA, which is an international IT recruitment company, remote workers get to save around $7000 per year on average. The majority of this figure comes from the elimination of travelling, clothing, child care and food.

When you can work from home, you no longer have to hire a nanny or look for child care, spend money on petrol on a daily basis, get your vehicle deprecated because of the regular travelling, purchase clothes to look presentable and workplace.

Great news for old people

Urban Institute and ProPublic recently shared that more than half of the workers who are aged over 50 are likely to become jobless at some point of their career. But when the same workers are doing remote work, it reduces their chances of being jobless significantly. All they need is to hone their skills regularly and they won’t need to worry about losing their job.

Better home life

According to a study, employees who do remote work have better home lives and a experience a boost in their personal lives when compared to an office desk job. As individuals get to spend more time with their family and loved ones, it leaves a positive impact on their home life. Remote work provides employees with the freedom to work on flexible hours, run errands, do chores while also doing their job.

Less stress

People who work from home experience less stress than employees working at an office. The figures shared by OWLLabs this year conclude that individuals working from home at least once a month report being 24% happier and more productive. When individuals get to make their own schedule, nor worry to travel to office – it makes them feel in control of their life and results in less stress.

Happier and contended

Remote workers are generally happier and contended with their life compared to employees who do orthodox jobs. American Psychology Association’s findings prove this fact as it shows employees who get to have control over their work have a reduction in stress, which leads to growth and motivation. When employees get to have a control over their work schedules and hours, they get more time to do exercise, eat healthier and have a more positive outlook about life.

More productivity

The best thing about remote workers is that all these benefits actually make them more motivated to work hard, resulting in increased productivity. A two-year study conducted by Stanford University established that people who worked from home had an impressive boost in their work productivity compared to traditional work setup. The study included 500 individuals, who worked from both office desk and the comfort of their homes.

Environmental friendly

We all know that if we don’t actively work towards making our environment greener and healthier, it will only get worse. Industries, vehicles – everything is accumulating to the smoke and in the environment and making it hazardous in some regions. It has been found that remote working actually actively leaves a positive impact on the environment. When employees don’t need to travel to and from work, a great amount of petrol/gas is saved that saves the environment.

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