7 Test Tools for JavaScript

October 24, 2019 admin 0 Comments

Testing your JavaScript code is a necessity for every coder to ensure that the code is bug-free and will run smoothly. Because JavaScript is used commonly by developers around the globe, there are tons of test tools you can find in the market to check your code. Whether you are looking for simple test runners, testing the full-fledged frameworks, doing integration or functional testing – the following are some of the best JavaScript test tools you can find in the market.

Let’s jump in.


This is a test runner for Node.js. It provides a concise API, support for new language features, process isolation and thorough error output. AVA works best when used to test Node.js modules and server applications. Minimalistic style, fast speed, straight-forward test syntax and capability to run tests simultaneously are some of the top features of AVA. Along with that, AVA also supports for observables and async functions. On a different note, AVA is not the ideal option when testing UI applications.


This JavaScript testing tool has been made specifically for React JavaScript UI library. The purpose of creating this tool was to make it easier whilst testing the React components’ output. Given the output, coders can manipulate, simulate and traverse the runtime. Moreover, Enzyme is also used for testing React Native components.


This test tool is a test runner, which allows the execution of JavaScript in multiple browsers. Karma lends its support to all the major browsers including mobile-specific browsers too, such as: Safari, Chrome, Firefox etc.  With Karma, developers no longer have to set up different types of configurations. Rather they can simply write their code and get it tested instantly. The tool is designed for low-level testing. It launches HTTP servers and produces test runner file from the testing framework. Plug-ins for Karma are available in the market for QUnit, Mocha and Jasmine.


Jasmine is often dubbed as a behavior-driven framework for JavaScript testing. The tool neither requires a DOM nor depends on any other JavaScript frameworks. Jasmine was launched by Pivotal Labs and is ideally used to test websites, Node.js projects and anything which has JavaScript. The intention behind Jasmine is the create ease for testing a number of use cases and browsers. It is also JavaScript framework agnostic, which means developers can test code from any JavaScript library like React, Angular etc. The best thing about this JavaScript test tool is that it is minimal and easily maintainable.


Luna requires no configuration and is an opinionated framework. It is exclusively used for unit testing and helps developers in running their initial unit tests in a matter of minutes only. You don’t need to install any module to general code coverage reports with Luna. Luna also supports parallel running of test groups. Partially Luna was the result of inspiration from Google’s Go language built-in testing feature. All tests for Luna are written as ES6 modules and tests run in browsers. Unfortunately, Luna does not support older browsers.


Cucumber.js is the JavaScript version of the popular Cucumber test tool. It runs both in latest versions of browsers and on maintained versions of Node.js. This JavaScript test tool allows developers to communicate with one another and run automated tests, using merely simple language. It also includes an executable file, which runs tests suites.


Jest is one of the most thorough JavaScript testing tools available. Often labelled as the out-of-the-box tool – it does not have to be configured. All the tests run on Jest are available globally and run parallel. Tests that failed previously are run first automatically while tests are organized on the basis of the length of test files. Jest only is compatible with the most common JavaScript libraries such as Vue, React, Node.js, Babel and Angular.

These were seven of the top JavaScript test tools that can make your life easier as a developer. Let us know if you have any other tool in your mind.