Google introduces new Analytics updates in Actions

November 6, 2019 admin 0 Comments

If you have a digital business, there is a mighty chance that you are using Google Analytics to keep a check on your users and know what’s happening at all times. Google Console team is always on a roll for giving the best user experience and thoughtful insights to its users.

You would be happy to know that just recently, Google has introduced new Analytics updates in Actions. In a blog post published on Google Developers blog, the modifications have been shared in detail.

These updates will help you in getting insights about how users are interacting with you. If you have ever wondered about things such as the Action that you recently created for Google Assistant and how many people actually use, you can finally get the answer to it. Here are five of the latest changes that have been introduced to Actions.

According to Built With

“At least 29,134,826 live websites using Google Analytics.”

Better readability

Three areas have been updated to enhance the readability of the Actions Console. They constitute of: Data Range Selection, Filters Options and Active Users Chart. With these updates, you can now customize the data in a much simpler way to analyze your users’ interactions.

Data range selection

While previously the data range selectors would apply to all the charts globally, now they are applied locally to individual charts. This means you have more control when viewing your data. The following ranges are provided by data selector feature now:

  • Daily (last 90 days, last 30 days, last 7 days)
  • Weekly (last 24 weeks, last 12 weeks, last 8 weeks, last 4 weeks)
  • Monthly (last 12 months, last 6 months, last 3 months)

Filter options

Previously, if you added a filter – it would be applied to all the charts available on a page but not anymore. Now if you apply a filter, it will only be applied to the particular chart you are viewing currently. Filtering options have also been improved for ‘Surface’ filters like smart display, mobile phones etc.

Active users’ chart

Prior to the update, Active User chart had labels like 1 Day, 7 Days and 28 Days on the top of the page but now the labels are: Daily, Weekly and Monthly. The readability of individual date labels has also been enhanced so that they are clearer. A quick insight of your current users has also been added at the bottom of the chart.

Improved Conversation Metrics

All of the conversation metrics have finally been amalgamated into a single chart to make it easier for you to compare between different mediums in Google Analytics. While previously Conversations, Messages, Average conversations, and Abort rate had different charts – now all of them are in a single chart listed under different tabs. This will help you in taking a look at all the charts in a go and easily switching among them to analyze them.

New Retention metrics

A new addition has been introduced to Google Analytics. The Retention metrics chart has been created to aid you in understanding how well an action that you created is in retaining your users. The chart will give you an overview about the users that visited you throughout the week and the number of users that have been returning to your website. It shows data of returning users up to 5 weeks for now. If your percentage is increasing every week, it means your retention rate is improving.

If you want to learn about each of these metrics in detail found in Google Analytics, don’t forget to check the documentation on it.