Top Cybersecurity Issues Trending in 2019

December 18, 2019 admin 0 Comments

According to the cybersecurity reports, produced by Cisco; 31% of the world organizations have been struck with some form of cyberattack in the past.

This year, a number of cybersecurity issues made it to the news and affected users around the globe. Average cost of data breaching is actually rising by every new year, according to some estimates the figure is around $4 million.

“An average security breach is not detected for at least six months and even after discovery, most of the breaches are not reported to the concerned management and public for 49.6 days. “
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Although companies like Google, Facebook have been constantly struggling to improve their security and make themselves bullet-proof, hackers still find a way to creep in. Here are five of the biggest cybersecurity issues that dominated the world in 2019:

Phishing attacks

Verizon published Data Breach Investigation Report, which highlights that 32% of the total data breaches happened because of phishing attacks. Phishing attacks happen when a third-party pretends to be a trusted website/app and lures in the users to give their sensitive information like username/credit card details etc. that are later used for illegal purposes.

It is important that as a user you are more vigilant than ever when interacting with your favorite and trusted websites. Usually, an anonymous link will open that will ask you to fill up the information randomly.


Hacking is one of the oldest tricks of the trade when it comes to stealing someone’s data digitally and using it illegally or unethically. While businesses are making their systems smart, hackers have also honed their skills and have more tools and ways to get into websites. To ensure that your website remains safe and no databases are hacked, hiring a cybersecurity expert is a must. Even if you think you are a small-scale business and would not be targeted by hackers, you need to invest in a professional cybersecurity expert.

If you do not want to hire an in-house professional, hire a remote cybersecurity expert and make your business and users/customers secure.

IoT Ransomware

While IoT (internet of things) has made things easier and simpler for users, it has impacted the cybersecurity negatively. As multiple devices are connected to the same network and same credentials are used to log into these devices and websites, if a hacker or gets access to even one of the passwords or devices, they can easily hack the entire network. In 2019, as more companies adapted to IoT, it remained a cybersecurity trend too.

Mobile phones

A recent research conducted by RSA in 2018 found out that 80% of the transactions that are fraudulent are initiated from mobile devices. As smart phones have become a necessity in our lives, it has also brought great cybersecurity risks and issues.

People keep all of their personal information saved on the phone, their accounts are logged into and credit card information on websites such as Amazon. One of the ways, hackers get into devices is when people use public WiFis as they are easily hacked. Try to avoid using them as much as you can. Only click on websites that you know and trust.


It is important for companies and users that their information remains private and that their accounts or websites are not hacked.

Hire a remote cybersecurity expert today and say goodbye to your problems.