3 Top Benefits Businesses Get with Remote Workers

February 25, 2020 admin 0 Comments

If you though remote working was just another buzzword and would go away with time, you could not have been more wrong. Stats and facts show that remote working model is here to stay for good, because it creates a win-win situation for everyone.

While employees get to enjoy flexibility and easy at home, employers see a drastic decrease in operational costs. According to a survey conducted by Owl Labs in 2019, 52% of the employees worldwide now work from their home at least once a week.

There is no doubt that just like any other working model, remote work also has its challenges but it can turn out to be one of the best decisions you ever made for your business.

16% of companies globally have gone all remote.
– Owl Labs

A recent survey conducted by Capita shared some interesting statistics too. The survey constituted of 2000 knowledge workers in the UK who have the ability to do their jobs merely with a computer. 71% of the respondents wants to work remotely because it would have a good affect on their professional and personal life (60%), decrease their transport costs (47%), and decrease the carbon footprint (35%) in the world.  

For businesses, here we have listed some of the top benefits they get with remote working model.

More productivity

Individuals who are working from home or from any other place than a traditional office setting are more productive. This seems to be rather unbelievable at first but numerous surveys have shown that professionals when working remotely are more productive in their office tasks.

This is partly because of the reason that they get to spend time with their family and loved ones more and thereof respect the organization even more for the ease and flexibility. As a result, when they work – it is done with more dedication. Some of the other reasons include:

  • They don’t waste around 2-3 hours roughly on commute daily.
  • They are self-driven.
  • They don’t have coworkers who would distract or disturb them.
  • They set their own time schedules.

Reduce costs massively

This is one of the biggest benefits that organizations get with remote working model. The operational costs are cut to a bare minimum. No more need to rent/buy a place, furniture, laptops, computers etc. Moreover, you no longer need to hire office helps who keep the office in order and run small errands for employees and management.

According to PGi, companies in real estate sector get to save $10,000 per employee when their employees work from home, on a yearly basis.


With remote workers, you don’t have to micromanage everything rather they will be managing themselves for most of the time. From setting deadlines to prioritizing tasks and actually delivering on time are some of the characteristics of remote workers.

Remote employees don’t need managers who have to manage everything for them, rather they are self-motivated and deliver exactly what they promise (at least the majority of them).

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