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Reach Your Business Goals with Agile Infrastructure Services

Comprehensive and trust-worthy IT infrastructure is essential in the digital world. With world class infrastructure services from Zepto Systems, see your business running smoother and faster than ever.

Top-tier IT Infrastructure Management

With rise of technologies and high demands of speedy deliveries the need of robust IT infrastructure landscape across organizations has become necessary.  Each and every emerging enterprise is looking to improve its IT processes by migrating from legacy systems and making sure their systems are efficient enough to sustain load. The increasing interdependence of profitability and contemporary Infrastructure has created a far wide need for Infrastructure development, support and management services and this is where we step in.

Since 2008, our infrastructure and DevOps and system engineers have been helping companies in managing their OPEN, LAMP, MEAN and Microsoft Stacks. It includes AWS, Azure, Google Clouds in managed & unmanaged co-locations with a complete end to end support as well as management service.


We help our customers at every stage of the development, deployment and operational life-cycle. At the heart of every service that Zepto Systems offers remains its clients. Our goal is to offer services that make the lives of our clients easier and better than before. All your key business assets are addressed effectively with our end-to-end IT infrastructure services. Some of our core expertise includes Puppet, Chef and Ansible, Jenkin, VSTS, HockeyApp, and Cordova, xUnit, Junit, Selenium, Jasmine, and Mocha. We work out variations on open Unix, Oracle and Microsoft platforms and development stacks tailored towards your needs.

IT INFRASTRUCTURE, devops methodology and cloud computing services

Our experienced and professional IT teams help organizations around the globe in boosting their business results by streamlining and modernizing their internal and external processes across complex IT landscapes. For more than 10 years, we have been helping our diverse clientele in automating their development and deployment operations. As technology is getting sophisticated, so are the IT infrastructure services being offered by Zepto Systems to its clients. Following is a detailed list of services we can provide you as well.

  • IT infrastructure support services
  • DevOps  and DataOps services – continuous delivery with automation
  • Cybersecurity implementation and management
  • Application infrastructure capacity creation, resilience and scaling
  • Infrastructure migrations including migrations to the cloud
  • Disaster recovery setup and management
  • Database management and support
  • Configuration and change management
  • Virtualization and block storage solutions
  • Custom clouds and Infrastructures  development services

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