Outsourcing – choose established partner not a freelancer

Outsourcing – choose established partner not a freelancer

Outsourcing trends are the most common since the early decade, however, many choices relating to these trends can be dreadful. Companies must always measure the effectiveness of any service in the context of its own development goals rather than just jumping on the bandwagon.
As much alluring, the concept of saving costs may seem, it can cause serious losses to your business. For instance, your remote resource decides to leave you midway, or worse, makes your project unfathomable.

Outsourcing to Freelancers

We recently witnessed such a case where a customer faced big losses by freelancing. A client of ours had been developing with a freelancer for 2 years and it seemed good until the client figured out his project was an amalgamation of many frameworks and technologies. The change was solely driven by the skills of the freelancer and the end product got a mixture of three different PHP (Symphony, Laravel, and CodeIgniter ) frameworks, two database engines (MySQL and MongoDB) and the introduction of Node.JS for the API. Also, React Js and Angular were introduced in the same code base. This big turnaround of developers not only wasted a lot of time, but also tripled costs. This cocktail of technologies left CEO of the start-up confused on what direction to take.
Freelancing a large-scale project can cause serious complications especially when the project road-map needs to be analysed. The freelancers might be tech experts but they specialise in just one area, therefore, management and long-term implications of technology remain ignored. Defying the systematic way of handling project and no well-timed records can be the biggest downside to freelancing which keeps on adding complexities.

Outsourcing to an established Company

The same start-up when approached Zepto Systems, it was provided with a consultation session discussing the scope of the project with its timelines and any things that might add up. The client was given the experts in all the fields who figured out how to simplify processes and harmonise technology. Outsourcing is more than just saving money and getting talented remote workers to get the job done; it is setting up a systematised way of delivery no different than the in-house procedures. An established company always makes sure the tasks are prioritised and its product won’t be abandoned in the middle.
The case study above is just a little sneak peek into what companies have to go through when they don’t choose the right outsourcing structure. Outsourcing, no doubt, is the most effective way to save costs and get talent much quicker, but it can lead to losses if not planned properly.
In most of the cases, a freelancer, no matter how skilled he is, can’t exhibit all the skills needed to run the project, manage it, keep the checks intact and deliver successfully.  Choosing a reliable outsourcing partner helps you get your work done at cheaper rates and along with agility and speedy deliveries. Furthermore, companies help you get focused skills with all the legalities taken care of, and flexibility to scale your team.
Try our right sourcing solution or fully managed IT project delivery.

Choose wisely, choose Zepto Systems!

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