Best Frameworks for App Development in 2019

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In the development world, frameworks are code libraries that have pre-defined common functions. Frameworks help developers in writing only a short line of code instead of writing long pieces of code to complete a task. Henceforth, frameworks help programmers in expediting the development process and delivering the app in less amount of time.

Frameworks can be compared to pre-fabricated homes. Different modules and objects of home are pre-built. If a person wants to build their home, they only need to get a pre-built door or module to customize it according their own home. Frameworks do the same things too. They save time of developers and believe in ‘not inventing the wheel’.

Types of Applications

Different types of applications exist in the world today that cater to different requirements. They have been categorized as following:


  • Mobile apps
  • Web apps
  • Desktop apps/software

Operating System:

  • Cross-platform
  • Windows/Android
  • iOS/ Mac OS

In this article, we will be covering best app development frameworks for mobiles and web. Let’s get started:

Best frameworks for mobile app development

When it comes to smartphones, the two most popular operating systems are: iOS and Android. If you are developing an app, be sure whether the app is going to be a hybrid app or a native app. While developing two different versions of the app for iOS and Android can be expensive and take quite some time, using cross-platform technology/framework – you can save your time. Here are some of the frameworks that can be used by developers to speed up development:

React Native
React Native is an open-source framework, created by Facebook. Over the years, it has become the most popular frameworks in the mobile app development industry.

Flutter is an open-source framework, built by Google. The framework is used for developing cross-platform mobile apps and hybrid apps. It uses the Dart language.

jQuery Mobile jQuery Mobile framework is used for developing both website and mobile applications. Moreover, the framework also works smoothly with any platform, i.e., Blackberry, Kindle, Mac OS, Windows and Firefox.

Xamarin uses C# language and is a product of Microsoft. The framework is used for developing apps on iOS, Android and Windows.

Appcelerator is termed as a one-stop solution for building native mobile apps, using JavaScript. The framework is used to develop apps, and connect them to any database.

Best frameworks for web app development

As far as web app development is concerned, it has two aspects:

  • Client-side also known as front-end
  • Server-side also known as back-end

Back-end frameworks

.Net Core
The upgraded version of .Net Framework is called .Net Core. It is an open-source framework and was developed by Microsoft. It allows developers to build cross-platform applications.

This framework is relatively new but has garnered quite a liking from developers. It is an easy-to-use framework and uses PHP.

Rails just like Laravel is for developers who are beginners or do not want to get into complicated development. The framework offers several resources for developers to do back-end app development.

Front-end frameworks

React is usually refereed as a framework whereas it is originally a JavaScript library. It is used for both back-end and front-end app development.

This framework used JavaScript in the past but now it has switched to Typescript. It is a front-end framework, which is used for building frontend web applications.

Vue.js is a new competitor but has gained popularity because of its versatility. The framework is used to create complete client-side or front-end web applications.

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